You Can Pick Your Friends

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You can…but you can’t pick your family.  delight_tacky.gif
Let me start out by saying I’m a firm believer in shit happening for a reason and us being here to learn from the shit that happens. This doesn’t mean we have no control over what happens though but I can’t figure out if this is how it’s really supposed to be or if I’m doing this to myself.

Anyway, I remember recently at a family dinner my uncle said something to me and I looked at him and didn’t know the appropriate response. Funny, I don’t usually have this problem with writers but it was almost like he was speaking a foreign language. For the record, I occasionally have this problem with other humanoids as well.
Maybe that’s why I enjoyed Dexter so much. If you haven’t checked out Dexter on Showtime it’s a new series about a serial killer that kills killers. I think what struck me most is that he’s an observer who freely acknowledges his difference from other humans, he totally can’t relate and considers sex messy. Yeah, and he kills people–go figure. I could so relate.

So if you could pick your family, who would you pick?  I think I’d like Bill Clinton for a dad–I mean it’s not like he could ground me when I’m bad LOL

16 thoughts on “You Can Pick Your Friends

  1. I have Darkly Dreaming Dexter but haven’t read it yet. I’ve heard that it’s really good. Who would I pick? I think Joaquin Phoenix is really cool. I’d love him as a brother.

  2. I have Darkly Dreaming Dexter but haven’t read it yet. I’ve heard that it’s really good. Who would I pick? I think Joaquin Phoenix is really cool. I’d love him as a brother.

  3. Bill could never be my dad, I have the Monica issue, I’d just wanna f*ck me. The guy is charismatic.

    Pick my family… hmm… Adam Sandler as a brother? Lord, I don’t know! LOL!

  4. Bill would make a cool dad, but Shelli’s right, there is charisma issue. I wouldn’t mind having the Wayans as cousins. lol. I think family get togethers would be a hoot, full of laughter and onliners, ribbing, etc. Martha Stewart would be a pretty good aunt. You know, the aunt you rarely call, except at holidays, but she always remember you. 😉 heh.

  5. See I don’t like older men so I’m safe from Bill LOL
    Adam Sandler as my brother fer sher and the Wayan’s clan as cousins would rock!

    Trace Joaquin would definitely be an interesting relative! Can I have Gary Allan for my husband–oh no wait we’re talking biological aren’t we? Hmmmm Guess I should pick a mother–what about Fergie for a mom? LOL wait she’s a bit young–how about Fergie for a sister?

  6. Ooooh, Gary Allan. Yum.

    Picking my family . . . I’d be afraid to pick badly, and I already have family issues (being with my sisters makes me feel inferior). Not sure who I’d choose . . .

  7. Johnny Depp and I could be kissing cousins. Snort. LOL! Dexter is a pretty fascinating show. Definitely a cool premise. I don’t have Showtime, but I love that they’ll let you check out the first episode on the web. Good stuff.

  8. This might sound weird, but the NBA coach, Phil Jackson is someone I’d like in my family. I’ve read his book, Sacred Hoops, which isn’t so much about basketball as it is life, and he’s just sooooo interesting!

  9. At the risk of being kicked out, I want to keep the family I have. Jaye, I love the Martha Stewart for an aunt comment. LOL

    I love the premise of this show, Amie! It almost makes me want to go buy a t.v.

    Jordan, can you really watch the first episode online?! I must go check out the link …

  10. I only recently discovered “Dexter” and absolutely LOVE that show! Quite good writing. Family…man, I have no clue. Can’t imagine any other than what I have, but agree that Adam Sandler would be a welcome addition – lol.

    I love holiday movies about families and always wanted to experience some of what was in Holly Hunter’s “Home For the Holidays” just for kicks.

  11. I wouldn’t change one family member. I love them all the way they are. Sad but true. 😀

  12. *sigh*May you’re going to make me buy them aren’t you? :hideme:

    Jordan LOL Oh and Episode 2 is now available. the good thing is someday they’ll be on DVD and you can get it from Netflix 😛

    Dennie I believe in fresh starts LOL

    Rachelle…You can buy the books instead but I Love the show. It’s very clever! And to you and Shawn I won’t kick ya’ll out *sigh*

    Sunny…thanksgiving and Adam SAndler–man would that rokc or what?