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A quicky I swear. Yo, Amy Knupp, your email hates me 🙁

Larissa’s Auction is up and running. Bid often. Bid a lot. There’s tons of great stuff including a critique from yours truly. My CP’s will tell you it’s money well spent. 😀

Finally August search terms then I’m going into deep lurk to write….

Dancehall Sluts — once again we call them barflys
Jill Monroe — You can find her here but I have no idea where you’ll find anything on her wrestling career (yes Jill Monroe Wrestling came up). Jill, like to share?
Women with Big Mouth — Yes, at times, I have a big mouth :yelling:
Big Mouth Buffalo — I see Jessica Simpson stopped by.
Big Ass Women–:yelling: Some men like big ass women.
Word Blinkies — I get this one a lot. Nearly as much as I get queries for my Enchillada Casserole recipe. Maybe if you googled something more specific than oh WORD you’d find what you were looking for!
Bud Light Banana Monkey Commerical — Yeah that’s just messed up funny
Smart Bitches— I do try :woot:. No seriously try adding “trashy books”
Sultry Beth— apparently Jill Monroe’s not the only one holding out on us.
Panties for Men — Once again, let me reiterate that MEN don’t wear panties (usually).
Axl Rose Blinkies— If you find one, holler! 😳
Humane Society Katrina Aftermath — check the sidebar
Mouth :hushup: ing — also known as oral sex :kiss:
Meatloaf Recipe (also Tyson Canned CHicken Recipes— See the link above for the recipes page.
I was born a poor black child–NO SHIT!!!! ME TOO!!!!!!!!! ^5’s :pimpn:
And the worst of the worst … What to do for a busted blood vessel on penis — I think you mean in but anyway I strongly suggest you GET THE HELL OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND SEEK MEDICAL HELP HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO :yelling:

Cece out :heythere:

13 thoughts on “YO!

  1. Me, sultry? Oooh, you know that’s realllly funny, Cece darlin’.
    My nickname in high school was Sultry Smurf. :smurfy:
    Ack, I’m dying, I’m dying! LOL!!!! 😎
    I’ll keep my eye out for Axl Rose blinkies. Yum.
    P.S. I like your dancehall sluts. 😎

  2. I’m bidding, already!

    Okay, the panties for men thing is getting a little creepy.

    Too funny – your reply on the penis inquiry. I mean, Duh!

  3. You get great search terms. Mine are bor-ing. 🙄

    And I’ve never heard an honest man say he preferred a TINY ass. Well…not on a WOMAN, anyway. :hideme:

  4. As her cp, I can assure you, Cece’s crits are well worth the money!!

    Love the search terms. OKay, the terms are ok, but the commentary…priceless! 😎