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Man so American Idol was SOOOOOOOOO much better than last week and I have to say, I was really worried at the thought of the British Invasion.  Turns out I actually knew a lot of the songs chosen and enjoyed the show–lots of great performances.

Hailey–cute, great performance, perfect song, still not wowed though

Chris Richardson — Sigh (I need a drooley face).  He was awesome.  Sometimes one of the things that bugs me is the band is so loud they drown out the singer so acoustic worked fab for me.

Stephanie–seemed very nervous.  Definitely not her best performance.

Blake–another FAB job *sigh*

Lakisha — good but i definitely see what the judges were saying.  Her comeback about 50 years from now was a zinger though!

Phil–too shouty

Jordin–sold me where Lakisha didn’t.  I totally believed she felt every inch of that song and I think she gets the girl’s prize for the night.

Sanjaya–Simon’s comment said it all.  He practically screamed the entire song.

Gina–I actually liked her performance. I just wish she’d been a bit edgier 😀

Chris Sligh–another good solid performance but nothing that screams “vote for me”

Melinda–again another great one but I didn’t care for her song.

The little girl who cried the entire night–needed a good slap.  JESUS H! People please!  I got really annoyed (as did the girl next to her) and one the radio this AM one of the DJ’s suggested she was a plant–where were her parents?

Today is ShelliBelly’s birthday!!!!!!  Go wish her a happy 30th! Ah to be that young again.
I’ll be over at Southern Fried Chicas later today dishing on….NO RACE 

10 thoughts on “Yo 60’s Style

  1. Aaah you are so good to me! LOL. Thanks, Amie!

    Yeah that crying girl on idol… I think she was not right in the head. Those were not tears of adoration. By any means!

  2. Yep, same page. Some of it was good, some of it was horrible.

    Sanjaya, Gawd…:loser: :wtf: :crazy: :dead:
    Phil… :wtf: 😕 :yell:
    Hailey- My reaction: :woot: – DH’s reaction… :flirt:
    Stephanie- :doh :poof:
    Melinda- :kisses:
    Gina- :yippee:
    Lakisha- 😕
    Chris R- :memememe: :woohoo:
    Chris S- 🙂
    Blake- :kiss: :woot:
    Jordin- LOVE HER. :woot: :yippee: :notworthy:

    Smilies rock! :woot:

  3. Amie, you are right on about crying girl. :dead:

    I was happy to see though she wasn’t just blubbering over He-who-needs-to-get-his-ass-kicked-off-like-NOW!

    She was blubbering for them all. BUT. How much you wanna bet because they kept the camera on her while He-who-needs-to-get-his-ass-kicked-off-like-NOW! sang his little He-who-needs-to-get-his-ass-kicked-off-like-NOW! heart out, stays another week?

  4. Hey, long time no talk. I have to ask, did you see the Today show this morning? That crying kid was on there. It was too funny. Meredith asked why she was crying and she said because Sanjay was so good. Meredith also asked how she got on the show, and what she would say to the people who don’t think Sanjay sings well. :yell:

  5. DOn’t watch the Today show but I guess I should. Dang where WERE her parents? And Gawd she’ll forever be known as The Crying Kid LOL LOL LOL

    Karin tell us how you really feel. I tried to email something to you but it bounced. Before I forget, I’m gonna try again