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Ok so the book isn’t done but my Christmas shopping is almost done and I just started two days ago!

I found the kid (after they’ve been sold out because i couldn’t get my lazy ass in gear BEFORE thanksgiving and get to Gamestop) a refurbed X-box 360!!! WOOT!! Lest you think I’m cheap, Gamestop has a great return plan if something goes wrong….it’s how we get most of our games too and if you’re a member, you get like 10% off used games and 10% extra (or something like that) when you sell back games).

I’m stealing this from Midnight Moon Cafe.

Thirteen Gifts I Need to Buy

1. A Nike Giftcard
2. A portable DVD Player
3. An Old Navy Gift Card
4. A bike lock (stocking)
5. Pirates DVD
6. Ratalloulie DVD
7. AXE (x2) for the boys stockings
8. Santa Clause 3 (for me!) on DVD
9. Simpsons Movie on dVD (NOT FOR ME)
10. Movies, movies, movies! Okay we are ALL ABOUT MOVIES!
11. I even already got Kevin (not his real name) HEROES on DVD
12. Raquetballs (the kids LOVE to play with them)
13. At least one new shirt for each kid.

and some other stuff………

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9 thoughts on “YIPPEE

  1. LOL Tempest…..I know I know but I do every year(last year we each got a movie and then #2 son and I got a season of our fave show on DVD)…….it gives us something to do Christmas Day!

    Tanya…….I ordered a TON of stuff yesterday. Will probably do my best to finish this weekend. The kid’s lists were pretty easy this year and other than a few friends, my brother, nephew and two names from the family hat that’s it.

  2. I’ve been busy with NaNo and then a cp is entering the GH so I’ve been critting that all day. My NaNo is shot. I’m going to have to do a lot of typing tomorrow to at least put a dent in the 10k I need to reach my 50k goal. Christmas shopping will have to wait until next week.