Yelled At

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So I realized like yesterday that I haven’t been taking my thyroid medicine. I ALSO haven’t been writing–relax Raine already yelled at me. And I’m yelling at myself. I should have realized that “I don’t feel like moving” feeling was not just the crazy weather and PMS!

Shame on me!

I wonder if that’s what caused the nighmares too?!

Anyway…….the only surprise on AI last night was seeing Danny go bye bye! Oh and Asia’h went sooner than expected but hey…..I like Kristi!

ANyone watching New Amsterdam?! Interesting premise…not sure I”m hooked but the eye candy is good. Ohhhhhhh DIRT is back. Anyone…anyone….yeah I figured I’m the only one watching but I love it. And what about Jericho? I know this was one that nearly got cancelled last year but was saved–by NUTS! It’s really rocking. Lots of intrigue and great pacing…secrets, spies, shenanigans…and this last episode really TORE me up but I know it was done to push another character past the point of no return–in Heroes Journey speak we call it “What happens when you refuse the call to adventure” *sigh* but still….There are only 2-3 episodes left (for a total of six?) but you can watch them online!

If you’re interested in TV news and/or what’s coming back, one of my new guilty pleasures is Watch With Kristin!

So what are you watching?

7 thoughts on “Yelled At

  1. I love Dirt. My SIL is TIVOing it for me until we get home. Now that one I’d hurt you if you spoiled it for me. I’ll be back on track with it after Easter though.

  2. Oooooooo I PROMISE no Dirt Spoilers! I love it–it’s to me what Nip/Tuck used to be (when it was good). And The Riches is coming back!!! WOOT!!!!!!

  3. (grumble, grumble…hard-headed woman…grumble, grumble…)

    But I’ve been noticing the ads for New Amsterdam too.
    Yum. 😉