Yeah Me!

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I’m getting a new TV…….and it’s due MONDAY! And I’m off work on Monday!!!


It’s going in MY ROOM with the DVR and my NEW DESK!

Take that children who watch silly cartoons and Boy Meets World reruns!

Now…share me some good news people!
(Yes I know that was a totally shallow blog post)

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5 thoughts on “Yeah Me!

  1. Shallow is good… works for me. Hmmm – good news – well it’s after 5pm, all my clients have gone home so my phone can now stop ringing off the hook. That’s not just good – it’s FABULOUS!! Enjoy the new tube.

  2. lol. I *know* how you feel. We’re getting a new tv (livingroom) for the new house and the old tv goes into the basement/family room. Ds got the entire 9 seasons (or was it 7) of X-files for Xmas. And while I like X-files, I didn’t particularly want to watch it every night for like two months! (Ditto for Angel marathon, and Millenium marathon and the entire Bond movie franchise marathon and a bunch of old school karate films and Blaxplotation films, and…. well you get the idea. ) To be fair though, I’m sure he doesn’t enjoy HGTV 24-7 either! Time for separate tvs.

    Enjoy your little private oasis. All you need is a bar fridge and those kids won’t see you for days! lol. :pleasepleaseplease:

  3. I have the next five days off due to holiday and the way my days off fell in our schedule. I’m stoked! More time to write.

    A television all your own? Now that’s decadent. I was going to recommend a 2 cup coffee pot as well as the bar fridge, but maybe just the bar…

  4. rhian…..hope you had a relaxing and quiet weekend!

    Jaq I’m adding that to my wish list LOL

    Wyrdd…..hope you got lots of writing done. Gawd I just KNOW they’re going to be in here all the time bugging me :crazy: