Yeah Happy (spring) Easter

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Eight days ago it was 80 degrees. Since then we’ve had torrential rain, hail, tornados and (I shit you not) today snow flurries!!!!!!!

I forgot but something like this happens every spring. *sigh*

I hit Kohl’s Early Bird sale and found two bras I love (so I bought three of one and two of another). Another hated chore done for at least a couple years. Normally I just buy one or two at a time but this time I went all out because I HATE bra shopping–tell me I’m not alone!

The kids are gone, my house is CLEAN (except my room LOL but I did the kitchen and everything else) and I’m going to read over my notes from the Margie Lawson class and do some writing.

Happy Easter everyone!

PS had a LOVELY conversation with the bookseller from my local Waldens(Her name is Sue and she’s fabulous!)

9 thoughts on “Yeah Happy (spring) Easter

  1. Fuckers need to be regulated I tell ya! I mean come on how about some universal standards?! what fits from one designer doens’t from the other :loser: I think bra companies need UWP’s! :bleep:

  2. :uzi: I hate bra shopping too. I always leave the store thinking that there’s something wrong with me, since it’s rare I can find my size and have it fit.

  3. :wth:
    NO problems here with Bra shopping. I have the same ones…I am just NOT a bra person. As long as it’s comfortable and cute I’ll buy it…

    I worked this morning just got home. No plans except Church for Easter…

    Happy Easter hon!:memememe:

  4. Jordan…and there’s NOTHING that men buy that compare–not even a car.

    Ruby I hate you. :biteme: You have small boobs. Happy Easter to you, too! LOL

  5. Amie – I feel your pain! It amazes me that I buy one then the next time I go to buy the exact same one it doesn’t fit.


    Happy Easter! I plan to sit and do nothin (well I may write some more…)

  6. ‘Jordan…and there’s NOTHING that men buy that compare–not even a car.’

    I beg to differ, Amie. We do have to shop for a jockstrap once in a while. 🙂

  7. I feel your pain. I need to quit being a :tater: and lose some weight so I can find bras that dont’ look like my mother (she’s 81) should be wearing them. Why is it that anything bigger than a C looks like it should have the label ‘industrial’ on it??? 😡 Damn bra makers. It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya!