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Lemme just say how much I LOVEEEEE my CP’s. Dream doesn’t have a blog so I can’t like post a link or anything but she totally rocks.

But anyway I have this WIP (FU < --not cussing those are WIP initials LOL)....it's been in idle on page 89. I didn't want to write anymore on it because, well I didn't want to hit page 300 or worse, the end and go OMFG THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS STORY. See, cussing is good for writing too 😆 But I asked her (and Sasha) to take a look becauseeeee I wanted to try and contest with it but I also knew there was something wrong. I've plotted this damn thing twice already, and written the beginning twice, revised once...so I sent my tweaking ideas for round three kazillion to the both of them with the first 30 pages. And Dream comes back with, I think people who are passionate about sex are passionate about everything, sometimes even arguing.

I think the lightbulb over my head just exploded 🙄

UPDATE: There’s this really cute guy outside with a shaved head and a goatee and nice….thighs. Don’t ask. 🙄

UPDATE 2: Really Cute Guy is gone and CP #2 has checked in. *waves to Sasha* …with completely different feedback. Well, not really completely but different…but the same. Have I confused you yet?

I think the combined feedback of Dream’s comments above and Sasha’s *ahem* are sadly spot-on:` these pages make it seem like YOU aren’t sure where this story is going. They feel “rambling” and at page 30 I, as a reader, still dont; know what the story is about.

OOPS! 😕 Back to work…..

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