6 thoughts on “WOW!!

  1. Yes I think I’m the same as Jordan, I’ve only had the onion and I shared it with a group. Thanks for sharing that — it’s depressing how many calories they shove at us! And we eat it! 😐

  2. I have had several of those (except #6–growing up–fish taco was one thing and one thing only and I don’t play that way :hideme: )

    But I usually eat way less than half and bring the rest home to split 5 ways w/ my guys!

  3. LMAO Bailey. I was thinking the same thing. Matter of fact a friend and I are going to Chili’s for their white chocolate molten cake. :memememe: I looked up the nutrition info and there wasn’t any. So does that mean there are no calories? Yay!

    p.s. Amie! Tag! You’re it! *evil laugh*