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So I spent all day yesterday giving NAILED a final read and tweak (hey that sounds kinda dirty LOL) and put it in the mail this am.  I am truly shed of this book.  As much as I have pissed, and moaned, and whined, and drank, I really did learn from writing this book, just like I learn stuff every time I tackle a new project!

What did I learn?

I can’t write mysteries without lots of booze, handholding and asskicking.

I have the best critique parters in the whole effing world.

I CAN write when I’m sick and dealing with health issues

The house WON’T fall down around my ears if I neglect it for two months straight (but it might smell a little) and I CAN block out the sight of my disgusting house when need be.

I need a break from writing sex.  *gasp*

And now the writers and artists scope for Leos for January:

leo: movers and shakers admire your stuff, but they may sign elsewhere since you don’t have your usual sparkle right now. into every life a little rain must fall, or something like that.

Funny that because my fingers are still numb and my eyes burn with fatigue, I’ve got a house to clean (obviously) and  all I can think about is starting on the next project *blush*

6 thoughts on “WOW!

  1. Jordan what I really learned was…the further I get along the more writing by the seat of my pants doesnt work for me. Obviosly it’s time to rethink the method that’s driving me mad 😆

  2. I liked your list of items you could overlook while finishing. You condensed the human experience into a few humorous sentences. Good luck with the book.