Who’s Going Home?

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But first…Blood Ties is growing on me. I’m still not sold but the hunk-a-liscious vamp sure helps.

Prison Break–OMFG! that’s all I’m saying.  HOLY COW!  I can’t wait for next week. But I”m sad because it’s the season finale!  I am however looking forward to DRIVE 😀

And I’m still loving The Riches–am I the only person watching this? Dirt season finale to watch this afternoon.  Ugly Betty keeps getting better and better.  What the hell was that crap on LAO: SVU last night? That was like the worst episode EVAH!

Okay AI

Lakiki–she was okay.

Chris Sligh–he was okay.  Definitely not as bad as Simon said.

Gina–was DA BOMB! I agree–definitely her best perfomance yet.

Sanjaya Malamohawk–WTF  I need my WTF smiley so bad here.

Haley–cute but again, forgettable.

Phil–I have to say I was impressed.

Melinda–good as usual. I loved her outfit–take that Simon 😀

Blake–good. I think he’s the male to beat.  He’s such a pro!

Jordin–HOLY COW. I totaly agree with the judges.  She’s definitely one to watch–she’s got dark horse written all over her.

Chris R–I heart you.

I think the bigger question is who’s going home this week. I mean no one really sucked.  I mean REALLY SUCKED.  We know it won’t be Sanjaya Malatoff-cocktail –so I’m gonna guess Haley or Phil.

6 thoughts on “Who’s Going Home?

  1. So you like Blood Ties? It intrigued me but as usual I forgot it was on. I need to set the DVR and record that baby.

    Sigh, AI, I don’t even know what to say. …

    :lighterup: I like this smiley.

  2. I keep forgetting to watch Blood Ties. I hate it when I remember shows I like the day after they’re on. What about Bones?

  3. Karen it’s getting better but I’m still not 100% sold.

    Scooper! Watch for repeats. I’m SO GLAD she didn’t go. I really don’t like her being in a relationship. I haven’t watched tonights bec. we watch Jericho :woot: