Who is Worse?

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Witness reports seeing child thrown against wall, dunked in toilet

(And apparently didn’t call the cops?)

08:06 AM CDT on Saturday, October 14, 2006

By LAUREN D’AVOLIO / The Dallas Morning News The brutality will haunt Latricia Love.

She said she saw a Dallas man grab his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son around the neck, pick him up and force his face into a bowl of oatmeal – apparently punishment for soiling himself. Later, she said, she saw the man throw the boy into a living room wall and thrust his face into the toilet.

Hours later, the boy was dead.

And you didn’t call the cops or CPS or just flat out take the child and leave why? And then there’s the mother………

Earlier Friday, Ms. Davis said she saw the boy’s mother stuffing a car with her belongings. She said the woman appeared to have a swollen lip and bruised face.

“She told the man she wanted her child because she was packing up,” Ms. Davis said. “He pulled the baby back inside and slammed the door.

“He was lookin’ like he was real, real, real angry.”

Who left her child with a known abuser and didn’t call the cops because he looked real angry? I’m sorry, but you don’t touch my kids and if you hit me, I damn sure ain’t leaving my kids with you cause I’m scared.   I’m gonna call the cops and/or knock your ass out with an iron skillet, and like, leave.  For real.

9 thoughts on “Who is Worse?

  1. that woman they showed on the news…. “He apparently put the chid’s head…” and WTF were you doing standing there watching – dumbfuck!

  2. :wtf: I don’t understand people. How could she sit there and watch this man hurt that baby like that. She should go to jail too!

    And the lady who gave birth to the child, I refuse to refer to her as a mother, crocodiles have better maternal instincts than that, that…

    I can say this, I don’t have children and I’ve never been in a domestic violence situation but I can tell you one thing I would kick someone’s ass for doing less to my cat.

    Some people should not reproduce. And I am so glad people in jail don’t like people who abuse children. Lights out is going to be very special for him!

  3. Shawn…….Dennie……….I’m livid. THere was no reason for that child to die other than folks were to fucking apathetic to pick up the phone. Period.

    Shawn I understand the mentality behind abuse, and abuseees but when someone goes after you kid, all bets are off! :die:

  4. Oh that’s so sad, and so infuriating. That’s a woman in a relationship because she’s afraid to be alone. And now her kid is dead. You’re right, too many stupid people out there!

  5. When I think about how scared that child was, how much pain and misery he went through–the utter helplessness, it brings tears to my eyes. I don’t understand the type of person who can commit such atrocities against children and animals, and I certainly don’t understand who can stand by and let it happen.

    I’m not even that child’s mother, and *I* would have gone homicidal on that man. I would have done anything to save that child. And it’s not even mine.

    People suck

  6. Karin…Shellie exactly!

    Larissa again exactly. I think that’s what bothers me the most–no one stood up for that child :yelling:

  7. These mothers are just as guilty as the abusers are. I have no sympathy for a mother who will stand by while their child is being abused. A mother’s natural instinct is to put her life on the line for her child. WTF is wrong with these bitches?