Who Does She Think She Is?

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So I think I shall give it a try as soon as I finish my edits for Ames–man is she rough when she reads something–who does she think she is, expecting it to end, I mean c’mon………. 🙂

The above is from Denise’s blog post today over at SFC (and if you write for Har/Sil go weigh in!).

Cuz I’m gonna weigh in on this comment here, yes I am.

Starbucks is to great coffee as McDonalds is to fast food.  If I say Jack in the Box, you’re thinking burgers.  If I say Steak n Shake, you’re thinking shakes.  If I say, San Antonio, you’re thinking Alamo.  Windows is Bill Gates, Chevy IS the heartbeat of America.  And on and on and on…..

Yes I am rough and I’ll tell you why–YOU ARE WHAT YOU PRODUCE!

Every book you put out there has your name on it.  That’s your brand, and your name eventually becomes synonymous with your work–good, bad, edgy, hot, sexy, bdsm, m/m, f/f etc etc etc.  You ARE a product.  Now what do you want people to think of when they see your name on a book? Think about it.  I’ll wait.

Ok… do you get it now?

And for the rest of you, what writers do you equate with what feeling or genre or well you get the picture.

I’ll go first–Kay Hooper is her Bishop/Special Crimes unit.  (or if you want to be a little more generic, paranormal suspense).

5 thoughts on “Who Does She Think She Is?

  1. You know I asked readers one time what they thought when they thought of a Jordan Summers’ book and no one could give me a short answer. Most said they didn’t equate my name with any particular type of book. They enjoyed my stories, but hadn’t categorized me.

    I suppose that means I’m not really branded.:poof:

  2. Janet Evanovich, Homorous Mystery.

    And I personally love that you’re a hard crit. I love when you crit for me cuz – like you said – it’s my name on that book, and I want it to be good!

  3. Jordan but it’ll come with those TOR books! :yippee:

    Dennie I’m sure you will!

    Sasha that is EXACTLY what I’m talking about :woot: