Where’s Sasha?

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I had this dream last night…it was so bizarre! It was about buying appliances and getting a credit card from Lowes (to buy appliances) and Kenmore and I was driving my car (but it wasn’t the car I really drive) through a shopping center and my uncle was in it but that’s not the best part……BOB HARPER WAS IN IT!

SWEAR TA GAWD! I woke up laughing.

8 thoughts on “Where’s Sasha?

  1. :meow:


    That was boring as hell. Why didn’t you rip his clothes off or something? Make the dream exciting. I mean, you can control your dreams, can’t you? I know I can. I’d tell you about my Takeshi Kaneshiro dream, but since this is a family blog 🙄 I’ll keep all the salacious details to myself.



  2. Tanya…I dont know who told you this was a family blog, but they lied!!!!!!!!

    LOL I would love to rip his clothes off just so I could drool at his body *sigh* and he’s so SWEET too *doublesigh*

    Dennie…..DUDE! don’t you watch the Biggest Loser? *smack*

    Lynn……aight! get in line