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I’m guest blogging over at Sasha White’s today on eating issues (for Slim Camp!).

I’ve got to run out but I’m going to try and get my recap in before I go…..

Kristy Cook–She was good, she was cute, she needed to relax but I don’t think she was robotic!

Joanne B–I HART her *sigh* sadly last night was not her greatest performance.

Alaina–was the first one to give me chills. Chills are a good thing.

Amanda–was a disappointment but I liked her jeans *sigh*

Amy –Where the Boys Are? I watched that movie…I was like nine and home sick with the flu. GIrl WHAT were you thinking? Not only that it wasn’t great.

Brooke–sounded good, very true to herself but as Simon said, a dish soap commercial. Not very current IMO but I do like her and she’s Kevin’s fave.

Alexandrea–Totally brought her A game. She was fabulous and I totally disagreed with Simon.

Kady–She could have totally pulled off a Diana Krall thing but she bombed. She’s my vote to go home. Her and MS. WTBA

Asia’h—also had the chill factor. It was a great song. Not her strongest performance but still good.

Ramiele–I really like her but disagree w/the judges–I thought it was a bad song choice.

Syesha–Loved her; hated Tobacco Road

Carly–admittedly Elvis kept interrupting me while I was trying to watch but she was okay. I kinda agree w/Simon on this one.

Ok so to recap…..Kady and Ms. WTBA (Where the Boys Are) are out…….

AND I managed ten pages yesterday.

5 thoughts on “WHAT??!

  1. I agree with all the nominees and the ones sent home. I thought Simon was unecessarily cruel to the last guy (the little blond dude) although, he might have been cruelt to be kind. ::shrug:: I really should tune out now and start watching again at the end of next month. I think Alexandria, Syeshia, and the little Filipina chickie and the young guy and the australian will be in the finals. Chiweezlelikee better up his game. (I just mentioned him so I could f’up his name again. lol. I sux. lol.)

  2. Erica we had so much cloud cover we couldn’t see it!

    Jaq…..OMG I was SHOCKED at two of the ones sent home. LOL@fuck up his name. YOu bad!!!!!!

    although, he might have been cruelt to be kind. ::shrug:

    I think you may be right. I like Simon’s non-pc honesty.

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