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I’ll be damned Steph!

You Are Elmo

Sweet and innocent, you expect everyone to adore you. And they usually do!

You are usually feeling: Talkative. You’ve got tons of stories to tell. And when you aren’t talking, you’re laughing.

You are famous for: Being popular, though no one knows why. Middle aged women especially like you.

How you life your life: With an open heart. “Elmo loves you!”

10 thoughts on “What tha….

  1. ***You Are Ernie***

    Playful and childlike, you are everyone’s favorite friend – even if your goofy antics get annoying at times.

    You are usually feeling: Amused – you are very easily entertained

    You are famous for: Always making people smile. From your silly songs to your wild pranks, you keep things fun.

    How you life your life: With ease. Life is only difficult when your friends won’t play with you!



    “Misunderstood as a primal monster, you’re a true hedonist with a huge sweet tooth.”

    Yeaahhhh… :lighterup:

  3. You Are Bert

    Extremely serious and a little eccentric, people find you loveable – even if you don’t love them!

    You are usually feeling: Logical – you rarely let your emotions rule you

    You are famous for: Being smart, a total neat freak, and maybe just a little evil

    How you life your life: With passion, even if your odd passions (like bottle caps and pigeons) are baffling to others

    Hmmm. A little evil. Hit that nail on the head.

  4. RC that test is so rigged. You’re no Ernie anymore than I’m Elmo :yelling:

    Yes Yes I owe you email. I’ll drop you a line after dinner