What Does It Take (Or the Great White Hype)

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Yes, yes I thought I was through too but lets just thank Raine……..who mentioed Hype and how she avoids stuff that gets hyped or shoved down her throat.

Raine…I still have never seen Something About Mary. I tend to avoid stuff that gets a lot of hype too (Unless it’s an action movie-that’s different–I’m real picky about my comedy).

Books are a bit different, some I’ll pay attention to if they sound unusual or intriguing.

On the RJ Readers list Dianne Castell did an appearance for like a week this summer. She was a load of fun! She’s doing some Harl Americans with 40+ hero/heroines and she’s got a Brava series coming out called Four O’Fallons and a Baby that I think (don’t quote me) also have older characters. It looks like a fun series. The thing about spending a week or even a few days with an author is their name definitely sticks in your mind. I’d say this is something (that as a reader) worked for me (and all the ladies at RJ work real hard to make it fun).

I picked up a couple of Holly Black books a while back and part of the reason I did is because she co-write a series my son read! (BTW I love her website–the name in the coffee cup is very clever)….. I picked up some books by Scott Westerfeld because Diana mentioned them on her blog a few months back and I was in the YA section looking for something for my son to read (not that it did any good). And yes, I picked up Dark Lover because PBW mentioned it on her blog.

I guess my point is this: People need to know your name but I don’t think it takes as much work as we think it does for name recognition to kick in.


10 thoughts on “What Does It Take (Or the Great White Hype)

  1. I agree, Cece. It’s all about the buzz. If somebody mentions something, and then somebody else follows, stuff has a tendency to take off. But it also depends on the medium too, I guess.


  2. Name recognition is like a pecan tree. First you plant the seed, then you water it, spread a little manure around, and the next thing you know there are nuts dropping out of the sky.

    I’m real good at the manure spreading.


  3. People need to know your name but I don’t think it takes as much work as we think it does for name recognition to kick in…

    I think you’re dead-on, hon. If I read a good book, or hear the opinion of somebody I really respect as far as good books, I will remember your name, and look for other stuff you’ve written. 🙂

    But if you’re BOMBARDING me with crap, whether you’re a good writer or not, I will remember to avoid you & your fiendish offspring like the plague. :uzi:

  4. Seems like we’re all in accord because I fully agree with the comments from the other posters. Very well said! :woot:

    The thing I liked best about your series of promo-related posts, Cece, is that we writers all had the chance to exchange ideas. I found it all very enlightening. Thanks! :heythere:

  5. Mark I love your analogy!!! 😎 And thanks for stopping by!!1

    I will remember to avoid you & your fiendish offspring like the plague.

    Damn you’re funny woman!!!

    Daisy thank you for participating….it’s been very insightful. Even just writing about it has made me really sit down and think!

  6. Tanya you’re right about the medium. I think it’s pretty much a given that for print books, not all readers look to the internet first. But I think more and more of them do and are because we’re savvy little shoppers 😉

    For ebooks the internet IS the medium and the key is finding a good balance of self-promo that won’t drive folks nuts.

    The topic of computers came up on one reader’s list recently and I responded because of the work computer situation and got two compliments on my website and two new subscribers on my email list. It wasn’t intentional, it was the siggie line in my email 😉

  7. Annalee do they really forget? I mean when I go to the bookstore, I scan the shelves and look at every book but then I’m a book ho :memememe: If it looks intersting, then I at least pick it up.

    I will say this. I walked by Last of the Honkytonk Angels three times (on three different visits to the bookstore) before I picked it up and when I did, I bought it. There’s a magic number out there somewhere but it might vary by reader. 😕

  8. I looked at Dark Lover at least twice before I started hearing buzz about it. The third time I saw it, I bought it.