We’re Just Not That Into Who?

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Okay for the sake of those who haven’t seen the Idol Elimination show (tries not to crack jokes), I’m going to put the results below the cut.

anyone have any idea why Robbie wears a wig? I mean really?

Okay now down to business….

The guys go first. It’s between Jason Yeager and Danny–aka VFTW posterboy. You guessed it, Jason is OUT. Are you as happy as I am?

Then the girls….WTF? It’s between Amanda and Alexandrea and Alexandrea goes home? She’s very classy about it but I’m shocked.

Why can’t I get my hair to do stuff like hers and Asia’h’s? <--is that even grammatically correct? Then more girls....Kady who's looking smug for a minute....and Alaina. It's another surprise. Alaina isn't one of my faves but Kady sucked. Paula looks ready to run down and hug Alaina--i wonder if she wants to pinch Alaina's head off and hang it from her limo drivers rearview mirror? Then ...the guys again. It's between Luke (Queen Butcherer) Menard and Robbie (my wig my wig) Cario....whatever. Robbie is going home. Again I'm shocked though I get what the judges were saying about him being a poser....I thought Luke sucked. I guess now we'll never know why Robbie wears a wig 🙁 This week I'm two for four....Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “We’re Just Not That Into Who?

  1. I, too, was shocked that Amanda was saved over Alexandria. But they keep nominating her, and I don’t see how she’s going to change stuff up. She really has no range, so unless someone majorly effs up next week, she’s going to get nominated again. And they’ll keep nominating her until she’s gone.

    Oh my! on Carrico’s wig. I knew there was something weird about his hari, but I thought he was using too much product in it. Not surprised he’s gone. I agree with al the male nominations.

  2. I haven’t watched it since the first two shows. I’ve decided that, frankly, I could care less. The Paula drama, Ryan Seacreast (GAG!!!). I’ll just wait to see if the winner actually makes it to the radio for more than one song.