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Poor Sandy J tagged me like two days ago and has been waiting oh-so patiently for me to respond….

So six weird things about me……….

1. I hate to mop. My friend once flew up from San Antonio to spend the weekend with me and ended up mopping the floor for me. For that matter I also hate cleaning house, but I figure I should try to set a good example. I’m not setting a very good one right now. :loser:

2. I sucked my thumb until I was….way too old too! :wth:

3. I have been known to spend weekends when the kids are gone in complete solitude and not talk to a single soul–except the guy who delivers Chinese–and I LIKE IT.

4. My cousin’s chewawa (which I can’t spell) Freaking Loves Me! The feeling is NOT mutual.

5. My youngest (known) sibling is two years older than my oldest child. I know this isn’t weird to Dennie 😎

6. I once dated a 19 year old–I was 29 :ohmy: (and he was hot and we didn’t really date if you catch my drift).

18 thoughts on “Weirdness

  1. LOL Guess I shoulda just said I’m a cradle robber from way back. When I was 18 I dated a 16 YO…we didn’t do much dating. When I was 19 I dated a 17 YO…I still miss him. His name was Keven Reeves. :kiss:

  2. #1. I love to mop. CALL ME!

    #4. A chewawa (how the hell DO you spell that?!) fell in love with my youngest son at a going away party for us and tried to hump his leg all night. Ask him sometime. He was mortified.

    #6. You go girl!!!!

  3. I share your feeling about the cleaning.
    I’ve found the perfect solution, too.

    Never invite company over. :smurfy:

  4. It’s a chihuahua. Rats with longer legs.

    #3 is not weird. At all. In fact, it sounds like bliss.

    And I hate to mop, too. In fact, I hate everything to do with floors, sweeping, vacuuming. I especially hate to vacuum. It’s too loud.

  5. #6 — Ooh, Cece, you wanton little vixen, you! LOL

    I can relate with the mopping and cleaning. Susie Homemaker I’m definitely not, but it’s okay because I’m married to Mr. Clean. He’s far better at keeping things neat and tidy in the house than I could ever hope to be. Of course, as a good wife I wouldn’t dream of taking that pleasure away from him. LOL!

    Sandy tagged me, too and I posted my 6 weirdies yesterday.

  6. Tori – you don’t even know the half of if – she has a “back-up” vacuum cleaner in case the first one goes out…. (of course I have three – two of which I broke – so that says a lot about my cleaning skills….)

  7. Sela I blame my mom for my aversion to vaccuming! she had this old HEAVY Kirby vaccume and it was so loud! I hated that thing. I had no idea until after i bought my first one that not all of them were like that.

    Eve well said!

    Daisy so glad I’m not the only one in her right mind 😆

    Tori–you ain’t kidding! :wth:

    Trace there’s something to be said for a younger man 😎

    *shudder* backup? :die:

  8. Yes, I like to vacuum and clean. What my family thinks about it?…:uzi:

    But I really am getting better.

    My dream is to get hardwood floors and berber carpet where you can’t see tracks and dirt.