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So I haven’t posted about my weight in a while..and there’s talk at Sasha‘s about doing the diet thing. I’d love to have some online support because honestly, after a while it gets tough and boring.

My new love is celery with peanut butter. (I will not even discuss my obsession with the Food Network )

Sadly I can’t find a damned decent apple to save my life. Not sure what’s up with that but oh well. I’ll admit I’ve been real discouraged lately (and cheating quite a bit). I mean what’s the point of sticking to a diet and being all healthy when you feel like crap? That probably only makes sense to some of you but oh well…..

Anyway in the last month I’ve lost 8 pounds for a grand total of 45 lost and 55 to go. Not bad for right around a year’s work. Tonight I’m celebrating with Pei Wei–because they don’t use MSG and I can pretty much eat all of their food I want.

OMG I have to share a food additive experience with you–the nutritionist is HUGE on no additives or preservatives if you can help it. No soda either. Not even diet, but every once in a while I want one so I get a Sprite Zero. Llast week I drop the kids at the ortho and took off to run errands then ran to Sonic because my blood sugar was low (nothing there is on my diet but you do what you have to to keep from keeling over). I splurged and got a diet Cherry Limeaid (with Sprite Zero) to go with my tater tots and MAN was it GOOD! It was like HEAVEN on CRACK or something…. it was…it was like SEX!

Sadly something in it kept me up all night so no more Diet Cherry Limeaids for me 🙁

OMG that was so boring….*sigh* sorry ya’ll. While you’re around, weigh in on Friendship over at SFC.

11 thoughts on “Weighing In

  1. Diet Cherry Limeades are my fave! Unfortunately, the Sonic near me just had a price increase. Almost 2 bucks for a large. :wtf: I guess I’ll have to stick to my diet Cherry 7-Up instead. At least 2 liters doesn’t cost me two bucks!

  2. Oh, forgot to say that I’ve been trying to lose 20 lbs for the last 5 years. I lose 10, gain 15, lose 15, gain back 5, etc.

    In January my endocrinologist said “enough” and put me on an appetite suppressant. I WANT IT BACK! I am a stress eater. Big time. Stress not only makes want to chew on something (so I don’t chew on people) or contributes to my tendency toward depression… Vicious cycle. Well, the BMI isn’t where it was in January (thank God) but it still isn’t where I need it. I am currently 15 lbs from where I’m comfortable.

    I’d lost 50 lbs after I got my divorce over a decade ago. Going to college full time, then grad school, and working full time and chasing two little ones helped maintain the weight loss. Then I got a job that had a higher stress level, no real family support, and being single mom… Well, it’s crept back up. Thank goodness not the full 50 lbs though!

    I’ll be here with you, as long as you help me be accountable.

  3. YAY Aimie!!! I love peanut butter and celery. LOl I love peanut butter and anything really. Good for you onthe 45 pounds, and keep going girl!!:yippee:

  4. 45 pounds is awesome!!! You know I’ve switched to almost all organic food. I can tell a big difference in the way feel and it just tastes better. My biggest discovery so far has been almond butter. It. Is. Heavenly.:notworthy:

  5. Hey Lynn don’t they have that happy hour thing on tuesdays?

    Ugh…I gave up on 7-up when they changed to all natural. I don’t know why but it’s kinda gross.

  6. Oh and I’m a stress eater too…and a bored eater but at least now I’m more apt to go grab celery or an apple (bec. hey there ain’t no cookies in the house LOL)

  7. Raine…you da bomb. thanks girl

    Sasha ….see Tess’s note…you should try almond butter. It’s SO GOOD! But a bit pricey….but worth every penny. Cashew butter’s not bad either.

    Tess almond butter and apples rocks! I hate that eating healthy is so expensive but it’s worth it in the long run! We do lots of organic and no milk!

  8. Amie, 45lbs is fantastic!!! :yippee: ((Hugs)) on the big suck. You know what might help, and it may sound stupid, but sometimes you have to *not* think of food/beverages as something to be *enjoyed*. It’s fuel, just to keep the body moving and healthy and to take care of the growly stomach. Fuel doesn’t sould sexy or entincing or yummy (gg) but it is what it is and does what it needs to. You can’t do this all the time, especially if you truly love food (taste, smell, texture, presentation, but if you can do this even half the time, it makes all that celery and peanutbutter that much more palatable. 😉