Weekend Recap

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Things I learned this weekend….
I can still stay up for 22 hours straight. Do laundry, clean house and write 19 pages of a story I haven’t even plotted 😀 .
At some point I will crash and burn after staying up for 22 hours straight doing laundry, cleaning, and writing.
Billy Bob’s makes really strong drinks.
I need to diet. Bad.
Cagleheads are cool (Denise). :kiss: )
I have snake holes in my back yard (gag). Major phobia alert!
I have the capacity to write gag-inducing prose. GAG GAG GAG
I also have the ability to edit it—thank God!

I now know how birds have sex—either that or they were practicing for their pro-wrestling debut.
Cats can be amazingly stupid. 😡
Chocolate Labs can bark for a really long fucking time.
My kitten is dumb enough to let a squirrel corner it but smart enough to hide from two chocolate labs. My kitten is dumb enough to not remember how it got in the neighbors yard (and thus, how to get HOME).
I’m dumber. 😕
I drive over to the neighbors house (who I DON’T KNOW) and ask if I can get my cat. The cat is gone. I live to serve (little fucker).
Even at 35 some men have the ability to make me gush and act silly.
Denise is brilliant!
This man looks really really really good in Levi’s. 😛 😛


Gush Alert……


Chris Cagle put on the BEST show!!!!! And Denise, my chaptermate, was the perfect person to go with because neither of us minded the other’s gushing, or the dazed smiles we’d give each other every now and then between songs. It was by far one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen quite a few). Rarely do I remember being at a concert where you can hear everyone singing along. Ohhhhhh and best of all we got to hear a song from his upcoming album and it’s TOTALLY FREAKING FAB!!!!!!!

And we stopped at Whataburger on the way home cause I had to potty and Denise wanted a drink and lo and behold, the clouds opened up and angels sang as we stepped inside that special triangular orange and white slice of heaven and got in line behind him. 🙄

I swear I did not gush, or gawk, and drool did NOT run down my chin, though I did have trouble figuring out how to get water in my cup. I turned to Denise to ask for help and I coulnd’t remember her name. 🙄 (She also wasn’t looking at me which nearly sent me into a panic).
I swear to GAWD my mind was a complete blank slate and it’s rare that happens.
But I was good……I swear, I saved all my squealing for after we walked out and got in the van.

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