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So I took the kids to see WANTED yesterday afternoon. GO SEE IT. IT ROCKS. I’d give the story a six or seven (esp because of a couple things toward the end) and the special effects a 10 (in part because they were uber-cool yet you weren’t bombarded with them). I can’t wait for this one to come out on video so I can see it again!

I also have two copies of Lynn Viehl’s TWILIGHT FALL to give away. Leave a comment between now and Saturday midnight (central time). Anyone’s eligible. Consider it my Canada Day/Fourth of July gift to you all.

One last thing. I was reading this post at Agent Janet Reid’s blog and it really got me to thinking. It’s not for the faint of heart. You were warned. Anyway, it got me to thinking and I wanted to ask you all a question. When’s the last time you smiled or said hi to a stranger? Do you make it a point to on a regular basis? I do. It’s a small thing, but I always think, especially if I’m in the store or something and it’s 5:00 PM and I see someone who looks grumpy, “What if they’ve had a really bad day?”

And inevitably, they always smile back.

Can one little smile make a difference? Can you change someone’s (possibly) crappy day? Help it end on a high note? Does it matter? I think it does. I really do. So go say hi to a stranger and smile.

Happy Fourth of July.

12 thoughts on “Wanted…and some other stuff

  1. Glad you liked wanted. πŸ™‚

    As for the strangers…
    When I went to college, it was in a relatively small community. And people did this on a regular basis. Pass someone on the street, grocery store, library, wine cellar (lol!)–people automatically smiled and said hi.

    Don’t see that in the big cities. Everyone’s closed up and suspicious, and if you smile and say hello they look at you like you’re gonna steal their purse or something…

  2. I smile at people and say hello, even in N.Y. They (New Yorkers) get a weird expression for about a minute, then they smile back because they’ve realized I’m not from around there. Even though I live in a fairly large city, people still smile at each other and say hello when their eyes meet.

  3. Since the article is not for the faint of heart, I’m not looking. I have writing to do. *g* I do smile and say hi. So do my kids. Most people smile back.

    Don’t enter me in the Twilight Fall contest, I must find a copy THIS WEEKEND. I’ve already been to one place looking but they didn’t have it out yet. Sob.

    I did enjoy Wanted, but I think I’m going to like Hancock better. Will Smith, superhero, whee.

  4. >>because theyÒ€ℒve realized IÒ€ℒm not from around there

    LOL Jordan!

    Charli it’s just SAD πŸ™ So don’t go look.

    I actually heard a spoiler about Hancock a few weeks ago but I won’t tell! *ggg* We’re going to see it Friday or Saturday. Good luck finding the book and WOOT on being out!! (bad for you, good for PBW)

    Raine………that’s just too bad! And you knew I’d love it, you stink! LOL

  5. It amazes me many humans seem to have lost their humanity. It is very sad to see people ignore those in obvious trouble. I think it was somewhere out East a few weeks ago that they had security cameras that picked up where a man had been hit by a car or something and people looked at him, but then kept on walking. Very sad.

  6. Amie, I’ve been to 2 stores looking for it now. Neither had it. Both times I did not leave empty handed. If I don’t find it soon, I’m going to be buried under my TBR pile.

  7. Hi Amie!
    I too have to wait for the movie to come in DVD because I need the captions. So I’ll write that movie down to watch for. Oh I’d love to be in the contest! Love Lynn’s books. Thanks.

    Interesting! Yesterday I was in Wal-Mart waiting for my hubby to get out of the gardening department so I was just standing by the care in the store. I didn’t know but there was a woman on the side of me talking, but since I had no idea I didn’t move or anything. Usually I can feel when someone is around me. When she came by the front of me, she went to another woman to talk and that woman was pointing, obviously giving her directions. The woman that was on the side of me get this huge dirty look to me for being rude not listening to her or helping. She starts walking away and I realize what happened, so I went up to her and I started signing and using my voice as much as I could and apologize and she turned a whole different person. I thought she was going to hug me, LOL. Its hard to know with strangers, and its hard for me because I can’t hear what they are saying or how they say it so I tend to point out I can’t hear and give up easily. Some just let me go, other try to find a way nicely to communicate but others act that make me fearful.

  8. Wanted was incredible. I loved that movie. My fiance and I went to see it we both enjoyed it alot πŸ™‚ I’ve heard many great things about Lynn’s books they are on my wish/want list. Please enter me thank you for this chance to win πŸ™‚

    As for strangers every time I am out some where I smile & say hi πŸ™‚ I think it does make a difference. You can make a person who is feeling sad happy with a smile πŸ™‚ Always smile at someone.


  9. Do you make it a point to on a regular basis

    In high school, I had a teacher that asked me, “What if someone was on the verge, and one smile was all it took to pull them back?’

    Considering I am 30-ish now and still remmeber that vividly, I’d say it made an impact. I try to smile as much as not-lookin’-crazy as possible. And after working retail for years (and my brother was a waiter for years) I try to be extra nice to service workers–like they need my crap w/ everything else they get in a day!

  10. oh…and last night I ordered Pizza. I always tip just like I would in a restuarant and the guy was not only shocked, but thanked me profusly–which actually saddened me a bit that all his other deliveries hadn’t!

  11. I actually was wandering about Wanted, I tend to buy the movie when it comes out instead of going to the theater…Potter and Lord of the Rings and Lion,witch,wardrobe were exceptions. My daughter and I tend to find kids that normally can’t afford to go and then take them, are last count on Harry Potter was 18. Wanted though just may break me, it really looks good!