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TXU (that’s the electric company if you’re in Texas) has asked the Utility Commission to authorize a rate hike (as if they didn’t charge enough already) becuse of increased fuel costs. It’s not their fault fuel costs have gone up but I already hate them. Commy bastards.

From the San Jose paper:

TXU Energy is asking the state Public Utility Commission for permission to raise rates by 24 percent – an average monthly increase of about $30 – by January, a TXU Energy spokesman says.

TXU also asked the commission Tuesday to allow it to raise rates about 12 percent – equal to about $15 each month – through the end of the year. That increase would go into effect by early November.

The news (TV) said our rates were going to double. :dead:

“Oh, my goodness,” Tim Morstad, an analyst with the Consumers Union, a nonprofit consumer advocate, told The Dallas Morning News as he began leafing through TXU’s filing Tuesday. “Wow, this is very, very high.”

NO SHIT??? :wtf:

8 thoughts on “TXU

  1. 24%? Pffft. SCE&G (South Carolina Electric and Gas) asked for a 40-50% rate hike! Before Katrina!! :yell: We’re so screwed.

  2. I’m planning out my layers of clothing for the winter. And I need some thin gloves I can type with! Grrrr…..:yelling:

  3. in the good news dept I got to come home and put on my fave sweats!!! :woot: I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them a lot this winter (with leggings underneath).

    Sela there’s a special place in hell for the electric co–no puns intended. Mik….I’m with your hubby. Jordan…it’s more like gouging not paying *sigh* If htey snuggle Janice, I don’t get any writing done.

    Amy….we can cut the fingertips off our gloves. Dennie can you make gloves? šŸ™‚