TXU Sucks My B*tt

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or why I changed electric companies.

In April I used 1442 KWH.  My bill was 195.00

In May I used 2116 KWH.  My bill was 180.00

In June I used 2584 KWH. My bill was 395.00–DOUBLE THE PREVIOUS MONTH for 468KWH more.

In July I used 3182 KWH.  My bill was 485.00.

In August I used 4765 KWH.  My bill was 725.00

The average temperature from June to August went up 6 degrees and……..there was no one home during the day all summer long from M-F (except some Wednesday afternoons).   Matter of fact, the kids went back to school in mid-August.  However also keep in mind that August was the last bill before the new electric company kicked in.  In other words, TXU hates me too 🙂

7 thoughts on “TXU Sucks My B*tt

  1. amie, my bill in july was $1265.00, :kisses:
    august was $1155.00. :wth:
    Sept came down to the regular $700ish. :yippee:

  2. The bill I just got was over $500.00! I am so p*ssed! Uh, yeah, that’s me having words like that coming out of my mouth!!

  3. Amy I’m still livid

    Karin what can i say besides I’m sorry? :crazy: HOLY SMURFS!
    I couldn’t immagine paying a house payment for electricity but I guess I did (cuz that last TXU bill wasn’t much less than my house payment).

    Mary I hate you. 1700sq ft and I leave it on 78-80 in the summer, higher when there’s no one home which was and is most of the day.

    Sandy I’m shocked and appalled!!!!!!! :hushup: