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Sorry about the electric bill post. That was bad blogging at it’s worst. O’course today could take the cake! Cuz you see 13 years ago tomorrow I was supposed to have a baby. He, being the stubborn shit that he is, was a week late. I won’t even go into the agonies of child birth–I don’t have to for those of you who have babies and for those of you who don’t let me just say it hurts like a M$ther F#cker.

John CenaSince #1 is going to his dad’s next weekend (my how time flies! LOL) we’re celebrating his birthday this weekend with The Marine, Ice Cream Cake and iTunes!

Trust me, this is one movie I won’t complain about sitting through.

8 thoughts on “Totally Mom

  1. My first was a week late too – the little jerk. He’s going to be 13 in March. A mom of a teenager? Me?? Hell no! lol

    Happy bday to him. You think John Cena’s hot? I watch wrestling occasionally with the oldest – I always thought he acted like a wannabe Vanilla Ice. But that’s just me…


  2. #2 wants to see that one too. #1 turned 13 and he has been invited to his first party. I mean 8pm to 1am party. And only the CRUNK people will be there. Okay I am old didnt know what crunk was. #2 plays starting offense and starting defense in football. OMG he Rocked yesterday. They played their biggest rivals and we won 56 to 12. My baby boy made their center cry…ha ha ha ha
    Okay, I’m officially a football mom. I am team mom to 52 of the little angels..
    :wth: Vanilla ice? Oh no no no no
    John Cena is a hottie!!!! :memememe:

  3. Ruby, I love watching my boys (one high school one college)and hubby (a varsity coach) kick ass on the football field.


  4. Raine…will do babe!

    Karen I don’t watch but I like his comercials 😆 And I can’t believe it either–me the mom of a 13 YO (whose half sister BTW is going to be 18 and you know what that makes my ex don’t you? 😆 😆 )

    Ruby LOL@crunk. I have to blog about the movie and the birthday stuff too.

    Karin….Ruby….it’s basketball seasons :flirt: s’all I’m saying ladies.

    Sandy…that’s John Cena. I’d get my tubes untied for him! :woot:

  5. Yay happy birthday to your kid next week 🙂 If I read that post right! LOL. Child birth hurt, butit was so cool to see how strong we could be as women! LOL! Yeah slap me. :fly: