To the Person Who Googled…

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How to give a man pleasure while having sex….you’ll find your answer here. Though to be honest, I do wonder if you’re really a woman. Or maybe it’s a trick question. Cuz it sure ain’t rocket science baby 😀

Happy Friday everyone! What are your weekend plans?

9 thoughts on “To the Person Who Googled…

  1. Sunny and warm, for the first time in AGES.
    Plan to soak some of it up!

    Oh, and writing. Yeah. That too. :hideme:

  2. Anne seriously yes someone googled that LOL

    I love the mooning one too!

    I cleaned out the garage and now I’ve got to get some writing done before someone hunts me down *coughrainecough*

  3. Steph…did you write? I saw Bernard has jokes.

    Ms. Brain Bombs thanks for stopping by. I love mine too–used to keep track of them better but I got distracted (Jill Monroe Wrestling is very hot here for some reason 😉 )

    Raine no hunting! It’s done and in your inbox! 😆