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What Raine Said:

if we really wanted to reduce waste, taxes, deceit, wars, slow environmental death, and the number of arrogant pricks who’ve forgotten who pays their salary, we could assemble volunteer firing squads to kill all the politicians. It would be morally reprehensible, of course–but ridiculous?


1. Get smokes
2. Draw a winner for the September contest
3. Post the October contest (BEENIE BABIES!!!!!)
4. Whip that ho Lanie into shape.
5. Do critiques
6. Go see Serenity

And not necessarily in that order either :dead:

13 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. 1) Clean House :dead:

    See a pattern here?? Each of those movies has my two fav stars…Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas!(:kiss:) :woot:

    Okay, but really, I gotta go clean…I am stalling….:uzi:

  2. I keep trying to get away from making political remarks–but they keep giving me ammunition! :hushup:

    And Lanie is NOT a ho.
    She’s a free spirit. 😀

  3. At the risk of being burned for sacrilege, what the heck is the big deal with SERENITY? I’ve been seing TV trailers all week and the internet is hopping with chatter about it. I’ve never heard of this movie. What the bleep is the big deal anyway? No, this isn’t the first time I’m completely in the dark about something, but still. What’s all the hype about?:huh::huh::huh:


  4. To do list:

    4)anything else that thinks it needs to be done…

    I was SUCH a slacker last month…

  5. Raine…..Free spirit yeah that’s it :pimpn:

    Tanya……..I’m sure there are other people who can explain it better than I can but I’ll try. Firefly was a short lived series that (apparently) quickly built a cult following. It’s great BTW–you can get it on DVD (think futuristic western). Anyway Serenity is an offshoot of the series. I’m not gonna go major fangirl or anything but the series really was great! So I wanna see the movie.

    Kacey…still working on Lanie but I handwrote six pages on her best friend’s story yesterday and got some research done. One crit done, one to go :woot:

  6. To do list:

    1. Crit some entries for chapter contest.
    2. Do a bit of clean up around here.
    3. See SERENITY.
    4. Relax. Tomorrow’s Monday and the whole ‘work’ thing starts up again. :dead:

    Hope you get your stuff done!

  7. 1.) Write
    2.) Write some more
    3.) Write even more

    Hmmm, there’s a pattern here. But I’m on a roll and while the muse is talking to me, I wanna go with it! :woot:

  8. Mik don’t make me get the WHIP OUT! I’ve been reading up on BDSM Woman LOL J/k

    So I didn’t write today. I transcribed some handwritten stuff and I felt crappy so i skipped seeing Serenity. I might take the kids on Wednesday but then again they’re out of school Friday so we might go then. Instead……what did I do? I came up with a new story idea. that’s two in two weeks 😯

  9. A damn GOOD story idea. :hideme:

    As for that so-called Senator… :moon:

    If God was inclined to wipe out a city for sin—
    trust me, dude. Washington would be the first to go. 😐