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So not impressed with AI last night. You can see a recap at Karins. I’m tired and a tad grumpy. I agreed with Simon on just about every comment last night and he’s SO right about Hailey–she’s outclassed and her voice was especially reedy last night so she’s using her legs for votes. She and her voice need to go home, but I have a feeling it’s going to be Phil this week–I was disappointed in him.

In the good news dept. the agent has the full proposal (she liked the first 50 pages-lets hope she feels the same about the rest 😀 ) and I lost five more pounds for a total of 27

Oh I also got my bookmarks. Now I have to go do the minutes for our RWA meeting before I forget again, and try to catch up on the Margie Lawson class–which btw rocks (thank you Karin!)

PS warning–SLIGHT HEROES SPOILER IN COMMENTS.  It’s not huge but if you love surprises, I’m sorry.  I wish that clip was still up on Myspace 🙁

4 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Okay YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY on the weight loss. You freaking rock. But then, you know that 😉

    And yay on the agent likey part. Fingers crossed for the rest of the book!

    And yes I SO agree about AI last night. *Yawn* Boring. It really is. And Haley, totally is using her legs because she sucks. I agree, and mostly always agree with Simon. :uzi:

  2. Congrats on the Agent response. That’s terrific.

    Hey, the weight loss is :yippee: Great! I’ve been working on it myself. You’re beating me though. So, YEA!!!

    I gave up on AI after I saw who the finalists were. I am sooo not impressed with the whole group this year. I think it is losing it’s punch.

    Oh, only 12 more days until HEROES returns… Now they are going to save the world… Saw a preview tonight where Linderman gets young Micah involved. He better not mess up that cute kid.

    See you Saturday, Amie.

  3. Well then , aren’t ou pleased that Haley went home? I have to agree with Simon – Hula Boy wasn’t that horrible – I still soooooo want him to go home.

    Yay on the weight loss!

    And of course she did – it was great!

    Get me some bookmarks woman!

  4. Shellie you make me blush!

    Lynn! I saw a clip on Myspace-I can’t FIND IT–and (spoiler) Linderman is a HERO!!!!!!!!!

    Bailey you should have HEARd us yelling when they said Hailey was out–then she looked kinda sad and I felt kinda bad (for a minute). I mean please, look at her legs! I’ll never have legs like that! She’ll live–PS I have to dig up your address *cough*

    Lynn see you Saturday!! :yippee: