Time Off

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Yesterday I took the day off. I wrote all weekend long, and cleaned house, but the one thing I hadn’t tackled was my room (I also spent all weekend changing various lightbulbs all over the house! SHEESH!). So when I got up yesterday and discovered I had no internet or cable because, of course, the cable was out thanks to something to do with ice stormsI took the day off. Folded, hung and put away all the clean clothes piled everywhere (thus eliminating two of Mr. Rowdy Cat’s favorite places to lay), finally opened the dust ruffle I bought in August and put it on the bed and hung the blinds I bought in October.

I also read a book–Lisa Gardner’s GONE which was probably one of her best yet. I can’t wait for HIDE!

7 thoughts on “Time Off

  1. I will have to find my copy of Gone and read it – I haven’t read her in a while but I like her style – hey that rhymes 8)

  2. Denise I’d dare to say its one of her best yet if not the best.

    Marty don’t be–I DIDN”T Clean the bathrooms! 🙄

  3. Wondered where you were and if it had anything to do with the ice. From what I understand, y’all got it worse than we did.

    Clean? Um, I’m going to clean … one of these days. Although I suppose I should get my clean clothes out of the dryer so I can put the dirty clothes in the hamper, dontcha think?

  4. I will definitely pick up a copy of that book! You read it in one sitting? HOOYAH. I’ve been looking for more books to add to my already TOWERING TBR pile.