Thursday Thirteen #2

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I had this great blog post all planned so you may get two for one today!

But first, Thirteen things I miss–in no particular order.
1. Cookies–Fuck I miss cookies!
2. The smell of a man. Not to gross anyone out but I actually ENJOY the fact my son wears cologne and uses Axe–it’s nice to have those manly smells around the house.
3. My size 14 ass *sigh* soon my love, soon!
4. My mom cleaning my house
5. Sex — don’t ask.
6. Being able to run two miles
7. Being able to write 15 pages a day
8. South Texas–I cannot WAIT to get back to San Antonio
9. My friend Judy.
10. Cake–FUCK I miss cake.
11. Some of my writer friends (I feel a blog post coming on *g*)
12. Someone to mow the grass for me and not expect to get paid.
13. Someone to change the lightbulbs for me–period. I hate ladders!

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13 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #2

  1. “My size 14 ass” – holy hell, i choked on my coffee! And smell of a man – i had this vision of you sniffing…errrr….nevermind. Grin!

  2. LOL Samantha! I sent your TT to my crit partner becuase she’s going to LOVE IT!

    Beck…sigh cookies :pleasepleaseplease:

    SciFi–sad as this is right before I met the ex hubster I had just started running and getting in shape, then he knocked me up. Thirteen years later I’m still recovering 😆

    Rhian–ewwwwwwwwww NOOOOOOOO
    and LOL wait till you see my next blog post

  3. Men underestimate smell. I’ll stop and look in the middle of a supermarket aisle if a guy walks past who smells divine – it doesn’t matter if he’s young, old, good looking or not, he’ll get a second glance. GOOD smells turn me on like a light bulb!

  4. Wow, I’m impressed that you used to be able to run 2 miles (I’m imporessed anyone can, you know, run at all). I could never miss anything that I’ve never been able to do.

  5. I can’t wait for you to come to San Antonio as well….That would be just great and you would always have a place to drop off the boys..My three would love it!!

  6. Ruby C fuck that! LOL they’re going to their dad’s that weekend. I AM coming down for the conf in May. I already mailed my money! :yippee:

  7. Welcome to TT scene, Amie 8-). I’m a TT regular, by the way. Hey, please Amie do me a favor (again :?) and email me your postal address (I lost it :wth:). Won’t tell you what I’m sending you.

    Oh and I miss cookies and cake way too much. Me on a diet, too!:wtf:

    Take care!:wink: