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My good friend, Denise has her first book out with Samhain! :woot:

Ok the third novella is done (well the first draft is). One scene really bothers me…ok well three scenes but I have an idea how to fix one. I’m going to set it aside for a few days and work on edits for the second novella, then go back to it and hopefully get it out to Mik soon for a final crit. I pulled a Jaye and had her delete every copy I’ve sent out over the last 2 weeks. Lucky for me, she’s been swamped with the chapter contest.

I have a great idea for the novella I have to do, but I started thinking abou that second book and totally panicked the other night. Luckily Raine and Mik were there to talk me down from the ceiling.

And last but not least, after my temper tantrum this morning, the house is (fairly) clean. For the final time for the next two weeks. :dead:

Enough with the freaking rain already!!!!!! :leo:

7 thoughts on “this n that

  1. :memememe:
    I went to Epicon last night. It was fun. It was so interesting meeting people. You just picture someone different. I met Catherine Snodgrass, what a lady she is. All I can say overall is WOW. I was just speechless at all the authors.

    It stopped raining a while ago and they talk about the grass needing it…WTFE my hair needs ironing again.

  2. This isn’t exactly going outside and smoke weather, so add that to my fun day. We’ve had over 6 inches over on this side of the Metroplex and I’ve had it up to HERE with it myself. My feet are freezing from the few times I’ve managed to get outside. I’m with you – stop this insanity – the ground won’t take anymore!:yell:

  3. The novellas will come together. The distance will help. Think of Gene Kelly the next time to you step out into the rain. It always cheers me up.

  4. Don’t worry – we’ll brainstorm! Gosh it has been so long since I’ve gotten to read ANY blogs. I miss them!! :heythere:

  5. Hollie glad you had a good time!

    Jordan…Gene would have needed a boat and paddle LOL

    Amy the tantrum was at children of mine :doze:


    Mik…you tell those people at work to be nice! :yelling: