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Paula reminded me of what I forgot to blog about this week. On Tuesday, voting day in Texas, I saw a sign that said “If you love God please vote” –I wonder if they wanted me to vote for or against the proposed constitutional ammendment 🙄

The ammendment (?) on the ballot was to NOT allow same sex unions. Now, if I read this right, and I hope to hell I didn’t cuz it passed by something like 70%, not only will we not allow same sex unions (homophobic redneck anyone?) Texas won’t even RECOGNIZE a same sex union from another state. From the San Jose paper:

The proposed amendment, aimed at fortifying the state’s 2003 Defense of Marriage Act, states that marriage in Texas is solely the union between a man and woman and prohibits same-sex marriages or civil unions, including those created in other states.

Whatever happened to HUMAN rights? :loser:

BTW Paula looks a lot like a girl I went to school with 😎

Ok so anyway today I have to do promo stuff, including putting out a newsletter for Raine and getting stuff to TRS Blue because I’m gonna be a featured author in December. On the writing front, I’ve been doing a lot of this. 🙄 And a lot of thinking. Right now, there is no joy in Writerville. :embarassed:

7 thoughts on “This ‘n That

  1. I’m at a loss to understand this problem with same-sex marriages. (yes, breaking out the soapbox…) 😉
    Beside the fact that we already have too much freaking government interference in our private lives–who is it hurting? These are people. People who happen to love each other, just like other consenting adults.
    And please don’t give me the old argument about certain religious books prohibiting this ‘abomination’. There was a very simple reasoning behind that. If you want to increase the size of your tribe, you want as many babies born into your faith as possible. That made homosexuality a bad idea (ditto the original reasoning behind no birth control, btw).
    I could go on & on, but that’d be pointless (and it’s not my blog).
    It’s all very simple, really.

    And I’m with you on the writing, hon. {{{hugs}}}. 🙁

  2. I still need to tweak some links ……….Mik what are you doing thanksgiving weekend? We can go drinking :woot:

    Dennie…….I’m all for calling it eating applesauce as long as the basic right to be treated like a human being isn’t lost. I mean hell Mr. Sulu has been in his relationship 6x as long as I was married :yell:

  3. Hey Cece and Mik there is joy in my writersville maybe because I have stiff men and hunky drinks. Could be?! :woot: Anyways, Cece did you go to school in baytown? Maybe we’ve met.:heythere:

  4. I love my refrigerator, too, but it makes as much sense for me to marry it as it does for me to marry a woman.

  5. Hey BW thanks for stopping by! I wouldn’t want to marry my fridge either. I guess what really ticks me off is that they felt the need to make a point about it, but to each his own. :lighterup: