Thirteen Embarrassing CD’s I Found In My Closet

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One of the joys of being single is having two walk in closets–one for clothes and one for storage, except that the storage one was sadly in need of organization.

Since I spent all day yesterday hauling bags of garbage out of my closet (don’t ask) and emptying three storage tubs and going through all my CD’s, I thought this would make a fun meme….I ended up taking most of the CD’s I was too embarrassed to hang onto any longer and just ripping the songs I wanted. I’ll give the CD’s to charity.

1. Space Jam–the Movie Soundtrack
2. Zoolander–the Movie Soundtrack
3. Boyz II Men (1994 anyone?)
4. Aaron Neville
5, 6 and 7 — Faith Hill CD’s. She lost me at Breathe. I do not like pop in my country.
8. Brooks and Dunn Greatest Hits Volume 1 (hello it’s 10 years old)
9. Kenny Chesney’s Everywhere We Go circa 1999 again (He didn’t have me at Hello).
10. SheDaisy–WTF was I thinking?
11. Mark Wills’s Greatest Hits – As embarrassed as I am, I love this CD
12. Garth Brooks — my age is showing badly!
13. Kathy Mattea (does she even make music anymore?)
13. a. Mindy McCready–I actually liked her *sigh*

I think next week I might do obscure cd’s i own and love. LOL

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15 thoughts on “Thirteen Embarrassing CD’s I Found In My Closet

  1. LOL Toni…I KNOW somewhere I have a Vanilla Ice Cd single I bought just for kicks. :lighterup:

    Deborah so glad I’m not alone!

  2. Too funny! I was actually looking for something by Garth Brooks a couple of days ago. Showing my age too, I guess.

  3. Too funny Amie! I made hubby put a divider between his old albums and mine so no one would EVER think that his John Denver vinyls belonged to me.

  4. I approve of some of the things in them… Space Jam, Boyz II Men (I love them, still!) Garth Brooks still does stuff, it doesn’t show your age at all. I love country, and was kinda excited when I saw this list. *grins* Nice to meet you!

  5. ps: I was just looking at your author list, and I got quite excited because we have several intersections- namely Holly Black, who I love.

  6. JC it’s a pleasure to meet you. I LOVE Holly! Haven’t picked up Ironside yet (sheesh damn bills) but I did get City of Bones while I was waiting on it to come out. Haven’t read it yet but you might check it out–Holly blurbed it. Normally this has NO influence on me but *ggg* there’s exceptions to every rule.

    And before I put those CD’s in the “get rid of” pile I did rip all the songs I wanted so they’re on my computer :woot:

  7. I just heard a Kathy Mattea song on the radio yesterday and for the life of me could not remember her name. Glad you posted this; it helped me remember!