Thirteen Diet-y Things

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So yesterday with the nutritionist didn’t go so well–four pounds in two months–not exactly rockin’. She suggested a 21 Day Liver cleanse. Then she showed it to me. Then she told me, she’d seen cancer patients cry over having to do it (Gee thanks).

1. This is punishment for boozing it up and cheating on my diet at Nationals
2. This is to help detox my body after I quit smoking
3. This is ten days of fruit, nuts, and veggies.
4. And on the eleventh day she gets to add two servings of protein
5. *sob* just SOB
6. This is why I went home and ate five six cookies. (I was up half the night running a fever so NEVER AGAIN!)
7. This is me severely emotionally distressed.
8. This is me perking up and being positive! It’s only ten days!
9. This is me NOT thinking about how boring a week of mostly veggies is going to be.
11. This is me vowing to exercise more!
12. This is me trying to figure out what I’m going to eat for the next three weeks.
13. This is me selling my soul to Whole Foods

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9 thoughts on “Thirteen Diet-y Things

  1. Ewww, ewww and ewww! Oh baby – you are in serious need of some hugs!!! 21 Day Liver Cleanse – ack!!!! :yell: Whimper. :dead:

  2. Awwwwww…. no fun! :dead: I’m sorry, chica!

    I do love your #10 though!!

    I’ve posted my TT #5 over at my blog! Check out my Thirteen Crazy Cravings!!!

  3. Aw, jeez, Amy. That sucks. And here I thought I was having a hard time diet-wise. Sheesh. I keep repeating #11 to myself over and over each morning. LOL

    Hang in there.

  4. Good lord, girlfriend. I came over here to check out what’s going on and it looks like your liver is about to check out.

    Look at the bright side. If you stick to carrots, cucumbers, bananas, a luscious zuccini, and thick smooth squash, this diet might not be so bad. :lighterup:

  5. Daisy I have creative visualization of #11 down pat!

    Tess thanks! It’s not so different from the diet she put me on when I started-just no meat for 10 days

    (((((((((Marcia)))))))) OMg hey girl! :woot: I swear TA GAWD I didn’t drink that much at nationals LOL

    Ann nice to meet you! Heck it’s only 21 days. i can do it, can’t i? LOL *Sob*

  6. Amy, I’ve never posted before, but I really really love all your books. Now:
    If you live in Austin, I know a kickass nutritionist who doesn’t believe in “liver cleanses”.

    Screw Whole Foods. Go to Central Market. They have a large selection of organics, better prices than WF, and aren’t trying to create a monopoly.

    Use as many fresh herbs and interesting spices as you can. Use the best olive oil you can afford.
    Good sites for vegetarian/vegan recipes:
    any Moosewood cookbook, and Greens restaurant cookbook, and of course Vegetarian Cook magazine

    Don’t look at the next few weeks as punishment! There will always be times when you indulge, and you shouldn’t belittle yourself because you had a good time.

    Sorry for the long post, but remember that if you’re not 100% perfect on this “diet”, that’s ok too. It’s the quest for perfect that ends up making most people quit their healthy lifestyle programs.
    I’ll shut up and go away now…..

  7. Laura thank you! You made my weekend. I’m afraid the cleanse is on hold….I caughta super-bad case of the crud at conference. I LOVE and I hear you on whole foods, unfortunately I’m in Arlington which is closer to WF than Central Market! 😐