Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

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On my way to work today I heard a commercial for ONSTAR….you know if you get in trouble on the road, you just push a button (or something). I suppose, in theory this is kinda cool, but what about your cell phone if you break down. You do have one…don’t you? WELL DON’T YOU?
Cuz there’s the Big Brother angle. There’s a device in your car that will allow you to be tracked. Anytime, anywhere by any agency that doesn’t really exist. [insert X-FILES Music here]

What if you’re…you know, selling state secrets AND having a torrid love affair with your secretary?

I mean, if you were just having an affair and you accidentally pushed the button while having hot monkey sex in the front seat of your Cadillac, you could kinda blow that off (though that friendly voice going “ONSTAR” might scare the bejesus out of you). No one would be the wiser.

But if you’re dabbling in espionage and having a hot affair…parked out on Pier 69, goin’ at it like Rabbits when the feebies come a knockin’. Not only would your ass end up in Federal Prison, your wife would leave you and take EVERY FRICKEN THING. :loser:

Pat Robertson was wrong………it’s not the Telletubbies we should be worried about. I mean Gay is Okay….but what about incest?

So the kids are watching Power Puff Girls this morning (*Note to self: do not google Power Puff Girls and Fan Fiction–oops*). And one of them is afraid of the dark and the boogeyman and the professor comes in and consoles her. And I started thinking…….Why DID Professor Utonium invent three little girls? Why not three little boys? What if there hadn’t been an accident in the lab and those girls didn’t have super powers? What’s he hiding? 😡
….I vote for taking Power Puff Girl’s off the air.

*I do have to wonder why a man is writing Power Puff Girl FanFic but I think I’ve scared myself enough for one day.

Check back later for the latest in Butt Wear 😎

14 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

  1. I’m in heaven.
    I LOVE conspiracy theories!! :woot:

    Has anybody checked the Professor’s computer for naughty photos lately?? :yell:

  2. and that would be *sNort* why don’t they put edit buttons for people like me who cannot re-read their stuff? :memememe:

  3. And see, those are the conspiracy theories I would love to explore if I only had ten seconds to rub together, because seriously, this would make a great book.

  4. I have OnStar. The one time I should have used it, I panicked and used the cell phone instead. On the plus side, when my teeneager drives it, I have the cool option of having OnStar phone the car and tell her that she needs to pull over because they are about to turn the car off. It’s just fun for the whole family.

  5. *howling* Ferfe I think having them call your kids would make it all worthwhile!! :flirt:

    LOL Dennie next time just email me and I’ll fix it for ya doll.

    Danica…you know you wanna write about OnStar :memememe:

    Jaq…Hollie…it’s a twisted mine. 😳

  6. man I SO love this conspiracy theory thing!

    My parents have onstar. They got hit by a sheet of heavy plywood flying off the back of semi trailer. Onstar could pinpoint where they were and send help. This is sexist, but if I had a daughter, I would so have a car with Onstar in it…

    (don’t cell phones now have a Global Positioning Locator in them that the company can turn on?)..more conspiracy theories… :zipit:

  7. Kacey…GPL’s Yup I think I saw those on LAO :memememe:

    You know what? If i had a daughter, I’d probably have OnStar too!