The YO Factor

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Or my midweek TV recap.

AI–the boys had no YO factor. The girls had YO Factor in spades. I already left my predictions at Karin T’s but I think Hillary and Antonella are OUT. They definitely have no YO factor. I really enjoyed Gina’s performance. It was nice to see something different on the show. I missed the first 15 minutes of the boys, but I’d say Sanjaya and Sundance are OUT. Maybe Jared instead of one of them–he’s cute as a bug but he’s got no YO factor either.

I haven’t watched LOST so no spoilers please.

I watched Battlestar Gallactica on Monday night (the first 20 minutes) then read over at Jenny R’s blog that Starbuck died!!!!!!! Gaaaaaaaa I had to find out! She did, indeed, die. I honestly don’t think (unless there’s some contract scuffle I don’t know about going on) she’s really dead. I think she’s a Cylon!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeee πŸ˜€

Prison Break and Heros-we’re being forced to go WEEKS with no new episodes after being left hanging and would someone kill Sylar already (damn you Suresh for your soft damned old heart!). PB ROCKED! It just gets better and better –and tomorrow they’re apparently filming near MIk’s job. Too bad I can’t take off work. I honestly thought that the president would get assassinated before she could make the announcement and that recording–OH MY GOSH! The Prez is a FREAK!!!!!!!

PB and HEROS definitely have YO factor. So what’s the YO for you?

Also….I’m taking suggestions here for Monday!  

16 thoughts on “The YO Factor

  1. fyi – FINALLY GOT YOU ADDED TO THE pIMPAGE LIST (OOPS SHOUTING AGAIN) – I’ve been staring at the Hands On cover for weeks. Want it. Damn sexy cover too. love this smilie btw – my fav.:ohmy:

  2. HEROS is my YO, but House, CSI, Criminal Minds, Medium – see a pattern here?

    I really enjoyed Standoff (the guy was too cute!), but, alas, I am afraid it succombed to the “Lynn likes it so we must cancel” demon. Some people have no taste.

    :uzi: FOX for killing it (or hiatus, or whatever they call it)

  3. Yeah – they are filming right across the street at Burnett Plaza! We’ll be able to watch from the windows. HEHE They are blocking off some of the streets, so getting into work should be um…challenging. :memememe:

  4. Mik – Is that Ft. Worth or Dallas? I can’t keep them all straight.

    You’ll be watching filming and the only view I get is of all the cranes lifting steel on the new buildings on the east side of downtown Dallas. If I stay inside the office building though, we can watch people ice skate.

  5. Cover flat huh? You teasin’ Amie? Cuz i just discovered i’m a total badass compared to most of y’all out there. Yeah, i was shocked too. (Snickering) So what do i have to do to get one? Because it’s now been confirmed I’ll do just about anything.8-)

  6. Very nice cover flaps – mine is framed and on the wall next to The Shalvis.

    I hear that they will be filming in both Dallas/Ft. Worth.

    Can you believe Sanjaya! I hear that the “vote for the worst singer” people are at it again.

  7. Lynn I have the same pattern! My son and i LOVE Criminal Minds!!!!!!! :yippee::yippee: i never watched Standoff, but they cancelled Kidnapped which i did love and the other one with Taye Diggs that they were showing during the LOST break :doh

    Mik I’m jealous!

    Rhian…stop by SFC and make some suggestions for Monday’s blog! Only one other Non-CP has entered LOL so you’re a shoe in and hell I’ve got plenty.

    Bailey I’m SO PISSED!!!!!!!! Someone smoked crack when they were dialing the phone. Don’t get me wrong–the guys were such a crap shoot but Hailey IN and Sabrina OUT it’s just WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!!!!! And did you see the LOOK on Simon and Paula’s faces? :zipit:

  8. I love Criminal Minds. Reed on drugs?

    Yes, I saw their faces – pissed is not the word. Sanjaya? Yeah, the boys are pretty lame, but … Sanjaya:wtf:

  9. Oh my gosh don’t even get me started about the girls – Sabrina has so much talent I was stunned she got voted off. Thank goodness Antonella got booted – the girl just cannot sing.

    And the guys were a crapshoot. But Sanjaya still on there? The little girls like him I think *shudder.* 😐

  10. I can’t believe the results show!! At least Antonella is gone – it was really her time.

    I’ve been saving up my Lost episodes, then watch several in a row.

  11. I missed the results show and by the sound of it I’m glad I did. What is with the voting this season!?

    Amie, I was thinking the same thing about Starbuck! They can’t kill her off. πŸ˜₯ But the only way they can really bring her back is if she is a Cylon!

    Heroes rocks. I’m also hooked on Supernatural and Jericho.

  12. Criminal Minds rocks!

    Jill I wish I had thought to do that with 24 seasons 6!

    Loribelle….I hope enough people vote in the future to negate the VFTW people! And with no Prison Break or Heros for WEEKS *Sob* thank GOD we have a new Supernatural episode this week.