The Older I Get….

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One thing I’ve preached (see: ragged) my kids about is the fact that you only get one set of teeth (and mommy is paying tons of money so they’re nice and straight) so take care of the f*cke–er brush them, often.  I nag constantly.  Esp my oldest, despite his crossbite he’s got such pretty teeth.  I however have stained teeth from drinking well water as a kid and crooked teeth because my parents never got me braces (maybe someday).  Yes it bothers me.  But teeth are the least of my worries because I recently realized, teeth aren’t the only thing you get one of at a time.

You only get one body.

And it’s really important you take care of it–I even blogged about this over at SFC a couple weeks ago.  Get check-ups but more importantly, don’t ever assume anything about your health. Don’t ever assume the reason you feel like shit is because you feel like shit.  There’s a reason you feel like shit, my friend.
The older I get, the more I wish I’d taken better care of my body when I was young.

The older I get, the more I realize just how long eighty years is.

The older I get, the longer I want to live and the more stuff I want to do. 🙂

The older I get ………(Fill in the blank people)

8 thoughts on “The Older I Get….

  1. LOL Less shit seems to be unanimous!

    SAsha i’ll be fine. thanks :kiss:

    Sandy you are the most mellow person I know :kiss:

    Dennie just pick one! 😀