The Not So Hot Billboard 100 AI Recap

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Hmmm so what did you guys think of last night’s American Idol???

Overall, sad to say, I was terribly underwhelmed!Here’s a quick recap:

1. Von Smith sang You’re All I Need or Want by Marvin Gaye. Honestly, I thought it was kinda weird. Overall, the judges didn’t agree with me.

2. Taylor sang If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys. It was good. Not great. The opening was weak and a little weird for me. Simon said she was boring and generic and I kind of agree.

3. Alex Wagner–the geek with teh huge feet–sang I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues. I thought he was more like Clay Aiken than Von…but anyway. I thought he seemed very uncomfortable on stage. If he had done all growly or all not growly it would have been better.

4. Arianna sang Winner Takes it All by Abba. Again, weird is the word that comes to mind. It was good, then bad, then good again. Simon said it was mostly terrible. I agree.

5. Junot Joiner sang Hey There Delilah and Oh My I loved this!!! So did the judges

6. Kristen sang Give Me One Reason: Sadly I can’t think of any. I LOVED her in Hollywood week 🙁 I thought she sounded very cruise ship with this song. Paula said she played it safe and I have to agree.

7. Nathaniel sang I Would Do Anything for Love by Meatloaf: He sounded relavent and kidn of fun but I didn’t connect.  I could totally picture my kids listening to this though. Judges said: Excrutiating (Simon), & Can’t immagine what kind of record you’d make (Randy).

8. Felecia sang No One by Alicia Keys: Paula said she had an unbelievable gift, Simons aid the first half was better thant he second half and that it was a bit copycat. I agree…she brought nothing new to the table.

9. Scott sang Mandolin Rain: It was okay…I knew the judges wouldn’t be mean to a blind guy. I mean, what’s Simon giong to say? It was boring? It wasn’t but it didn’t wow me like he did behind the piano. Sidenote: He got “the plug” from Simon so I totally see him going through.

10. Kendall sang This One’s For the Girls: She, too, got the judge plug. I really liked it despite the fact it was pitchy in spots. Simon was bored. I was too. Everyone else said she did a really good job.

11. Jorge Nunez sang Don’t Let The Sun Go Down


Ok….I was really impressed with Jorge. I didn’t much care for his audition but he’s got a great set of pipes and I think hes’ come a long way. He’s the first one all night who gave me chills which is usually the ‘test’ for me. The judges agreed w/me 🙂

12. Lil ROunds sang Be Without You by MJ Blige–WOOT! She’s the first one all night, besides Jorge, who sounded like a real singer and gave me chills (besides Jorge) and made my foot tap. Simon said…BRILLIANT and Randy and I agreed.

So……my three guesses: Lil Rounds, Jorge and maybe Scott or Kendall.


4 thoughts on “The Not So Hot Billboard 100 AI Recap

  1. I watched about 4 of the early singers. They were all bad and turned it off. I didn’t watch last night’s show, either. I didn’t care which singer made it through.

  2. And you can blame me for the nomination. Hee.

    I’m loving the new AI season. SO glad that Tatiana is gone. What was the deal with her having a sudden hispanic accent? Was that freakin’ weird or what?

  3. Thanks for the nom ladies!!!

    Carol!! How are you? I know…Tatiana…so glad she’s gone. I might have had to stab my eye out!