The Last Word

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So help me, God.

The World is Watching…..from the Guardian.

Two thoughts occur: that systemic negligence causing death and suffering on a grand scale merits presidential impeachment rather more than does sex in the office; and that a fundamentalist Christian, contemptuous of scientific evidence, might respond to a sign from God.
Edward Pearce
Thormanby, Yorks

Donald Rumsfeld declared the looting in Iraq following “liberation” to be the consequence of “the pent-up feelings that result from decades of oppression”. We await his wisdom on New Orleans.
Chris Mazeika

Shame on the world’s only superpower that it seems not to have planned for, nor to have the ability, to help its poor in this natural disaster.
Margaret Fawcett

Katrina exposes the hollowness of the American dream.
RMJ Harvey-Amer
Croydon, Surrey

BTW Where’s Dick?

Oh yeah…..

The grisliest quote of the week, the one to cut out and keep, came when reporters asked Lea Anne McBride what her boss was doing as New Orleans sank, stank and suppurated. “He’s working from Wyoming today,” said Vice-President Dick Cheney’s official spokesman brightly.

At least he wasn’t shoe shopping.

6 thoughts on “The Last Word

  1. Raine……YES!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    I wonder if Cheney got tired of Bush’s shit and just left him out there with his dick hanging in the wind (pun not intended). :hideme:

  2. Mechelle I do too, but on the other hand, with the world watching, maybe things will get done. Just like our own kids, they get more cleaning done when we stand over them with a belt than they do if left unsupervised. :zipit: