The Good The Bad and the Unwritten

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I went Back to School shopping at Old Navy on Saturday afternoon and they had all their clearance stuff an extra fifty percent off! :yippee: I’m SO glad I went because after the tax free weekend (what a joke) there wouldn’t be anything left.

We got (tons of) shirts for 3.50 and shorts for 5.00 for #1. #2 was a total pisser about shopping–but they didn’t have a lot of clearance stuff in the kid’s clothes. BUT! The girl talked me into applying for an Old Navy credit card and I got approved AND 20% off my entire purchase! So we did extra extra good! :yippee: :yippee:

The Bad: #1 Barfed Sunday night…and my steam cleaner refused to suck, so with soppy wet carpets I had to get up at dawn’s ass to go rent a steam cleaner. I think he’s got some sort of stomach flu. :poof:

The Unwritten: I *Really* need to get some writing done this week. Anyone interested in a Left Behind (Writing) Challenge? :crazy:

14 thoughts on “The Good The Bad and the Unwritten

  1. Yay for the good, ick for the bad and what’s a Left Behind challenge? I think I know, but I’m blonde. I need clarification 🙂

  2. My gosh! Your clothes were practically free! That’s great. Um … sorry about the barfing bad #1. Hope that was the worst of it and he’s better!

    How about a Going Challenge — I’ll be at RWA National but I still have to get 10 pgs/day done. Now, that’s going to take a miracle!

  3. back to school shopping? back to SCHOOOL? When do your chickens return to the school?:memememe:

    Mine can’t consider the words “back to school” until late August.

  4. Kate mine go back August 14!!!!!! :woot:
    8/1 is the no tax weekend here *eye rolling* and frankly isn’t worth the price of gas to wait for.

  5. :biteme:

    August 14?

    you BITCH.:crazy:

    Our first day is August 31, a Thursday. And then they promptly get three days off in a row.


  6. Rachelle! You’re on and good luck writing at Nationals…I want a full report *sob*

    Tracy LOL I love that too

    Kate they’re only out for like 10 weeks but next year ours are going back at the end of August. Frankly, I think the little angels should go year round!

  7. I am all up for the writing challenge! I have a book I am trying to wrap up by the 1st and have about 25K left to go on it. I can do it, if I get motivated and off my lazy ass. Okay, so I suppose I still will be on my ass, but maybe not so lazy.

    Did that same Old Navy thing. Love that discount!! Sorry to hear about the sicko. Never fun, and my carpets feel your pain.

  8. Jodi get your butt in gear girl! I”m still home with the sick kid so I get a little extra writing time (and he’s not barfing) :kiss: I need a measley 27 pages on this proposal

    I LURVE saving money especially since I”m gonna get my ass nailed on shoes. My oldest wears men’s sizes.

    WHY are men’s shoes so much more expensive? :die:

  9. I’d love to try the challenge, but I’ve got relatives barging–er, dropping in to visit.

    Anyone wanna take ’em off my hands? Give a poor struggling artist a chance to knock out a proposal? Anyone? :pleasepleaseplease:

  10. Yay on the savings! Sorry about the carpet – I hope he’s feeling better. No challenge for me at the moment – got my hands full. But y’all have fun now, hear?

  11. Raine….I noticed no one answered you 😐

    Don’t they know you have things to do?!?!?!

    BAiley S’okay! I’ve only managed abotu 3 pages so far 🙁

    Must. Write. Faster! :fly:

  12. Wow! Now that was some bargain! :memememe: I need to hit the stores soon. For me. I don’t have kids. But I need something new to wear for when the semester starts again. (Meaning this coming Monday)