The Game Part Deux

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Daisy took this game one step further. I tried it. You should too (but get your daily word count first)

The original instructions were to enter your name into a search-engine, like Google, followed by the word needs, and then record the 5 funniest results in your blog or in the original posters comments area. In other words, you would enter “your name needs” in the search box. So, if your name is Daisy, enter “Daisy needs” etc. (Include the quotation marks.)

Instead of using “needs” Daisy suggested using hates, loves, travels, wants, wishes, begs etc. so here we go………

>>Cece Hates: Boyfriends who snore (boy ain’t this the truth)
>>CeCe hates bible thumpers more than she Does Catholics (HAAAAAAAAAA)
>>Cece loves to go out on the patio and roll around, catch bugs, or climb the wisteria (snicker)
>>CeCe loves people and she loves to inspire others. (THIS IS A BOLD-FACED LIE!!!!!!)
>>Cece loves to laugh her ass off (I cannot tell a lie. esp. if I’m laughing my ass off at stupid stuff like bowling accidents :woot:)
>>CeCe loves to role play and can be your dream dominatrix if you like. (YEAHHHHH BABY)
>>Cece loves to be held and brushed (*snicker*)
>>CeCe has also discovered a love for creating healthy recipes. (You don’t eat at my house much, do you? Side note: My step mother thought I coulnd’t cook!)
>>CeCe wants to play fetch for hours on end (that’s like saying Steph wants to cook Thanksgiving dinner!)

3 thoughts on “The Game Part Deux

  1. Raine hates taking photos…(this is true) :yell:

    Raine loves to catch people with drugs…(only if they share) :lighterup:

    Raine is a great cat with pazazz. Raine is 2 ½ years old and spayed…(I am NOT 2 1/2 years old) :meow:

  2. The problem is, my name is the acronym for the Environmental Systems Research Institute, so all my Google searches say things like, “ESRI needs the FLEXlm host ID of your machine,” “ESRI needs to
    convince existing users of the benefits of migrating to the new version,” and “ESRI needs to be made responsible for it’s lack of robust production code.” (hangs head)