The Busy Season

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This is the busy season at work–the next six weeks are going to leave me needing many mental health days and lots of chocolate adn booze to recuperate.

I’m supposed to be working on a book proposal but had to schlep the kids to basketball last night so I gave myself the night off and finished up Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez’s Dirty Girl’s Social Club Cover
I originally picked it up because I read Alisa’s blog (though not as often as I’d like). Alisa’s interesting and passionate, thoughful and provoking and it shows in her writing–the fact I agree with her politics probably also helps LOL .

Can I be her when I grow up? :kiss:

Anyway DGSC is a great book (yeah okay so it’s old sue me!) and frankly she has some of the most amazing covers!

11 thoughts on “The Busy Season

  1. Oh, I hear ya about being busy at work. I think I need vacations (again) to recuperate. Yesterday I tried to take a nap and couldn’t because my neck and back muscles hurt due to stress. :wtf:

  2. Tempest I hear you!! Mine’s been like that all week :doze:

    Shelli…one of the things I love about first person and especially chick lit is seeing what other writers do with first person and she does it phenomenally (in four POV’s). :woot:

  3. OMG, it’s my busy time, too…interesting post over at my place about it. UGH! I’ll buy you a cyber drink, how ’bout that?

  4. Hey girl! I have an editor appt only at Nationals. With an EC editor. It’s at 3:15. ACK I really need to prepare for it. Who are you meeting with?

  5. Marty luckily we’re ALL Feeling it or I’d get real pissy–wait I am real pissy.

    Shelli–um no one. I’m not going to nationals this year.

    Jordan……. :yippee: