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Okay so Saturday’s presentation went real well (Or so they tell me) then a couple of us took a field trip to Deep Ellum . Research, I tell ya! Yes, those new sunglasses WERE research! :zipit: . No it really was research for the proposal I’m working on now.

Speaking of which I had a big writer’s ephiphany yesterday (big of course being relative!). I emailed poor Kel, whining because I needed a hook. We got on AIM and talked a while but I think I scared her. So I emailed Dennie, screaming “I need a hook! I need a hook!” :yell: She totally came through, by the way. But here’s what I realized, lots of times my hook is my title. :doh

:wth: Yeah, I’m totally not kidding………so do you think about your hook when you plot and plan? Do you think about a high concept pitch? Or is Cece a dork?

Speaking of which…….I’m totally swiping this from Martha O’Connor’s blog……..

if artistry were reflected by sales then McDonald’s would be the VERY BEST RESTAURANT in the world.

17 thoughts on “The Blah Blah

  1. Okay, seriously, I do try to think of the hook in the beginning of the process, but if I can’t and I really like the idea then I’ll go ahead and worry about it later – I’ve discovered that all of this worrying about doing this and that has kept me from writing a word. No more!

  2. At first I tried. But I was so worried about the hook that I forgot to write. By the time I got a hook, my inspiration was gone. So I just write first, and worry about the hook and all that other jazz when I’m editing.

  3. Everybody does it differently(get you mind out of the gutter). We all have to find the way that works for us.

  4. I’m with you Cece, I need a working title to get started onthe story, and I think I’m more a concept thinker than a hook thinker. WHEN I think. 😎

    And, I agree, you are cute.:fly:

  5. LOL Thanks Sasha :yippee:

    I don’t even think it’s that I need the title first, it’s just that I normally HAVE the title first so I didn’t realize how important it was to the whole process. :wth: