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Or Thank God it’s Fucking Friday!

And my apologies up front for a boring-ass blog post.  The kids go to their dad’s tonight after a basketball game that is and then Saturday Mik, Dennie and I are off to DARA.  Then I’m going to write write write! Jesus what a week! Between sick kids and page proofs and basketball practice I’m about ready to rip out some hair.
Oh and Saturday is the one year anniversary of the day Steph and I sold!!!!!


I’d love to see a movie but I’ve really got to get some work done around the house instead.  23 looks GOOD (though I heard Carey rocks and the movie sucks) and of course Ghost Rider.  What are you off to see or what are you looking forward to?

6 thoughts on “TGIFF

  1. Well I will be watching Norbit, Ghost Rider, Flushed away and the Grudge 2. I went and seen the Messengers a couple of weeks ago. It was okay. Nothing special. I need to do some writing. I’m bummed because I would have liked to have gone to Delilah Delvin’s Boot Camp this weekend. I am always a day late and a dollar short. Next time…

  2. Happy anniversary, Ames! :yippee:

    Just a little note from ‘The Forgotten Chica’… 😥
    The little Chica left behind… 😥
    The only Chica who wasn’t invited to DARA… 😥
    Hung out to dry like a leftover chitterling, flapping aimlessly in the wind… 😥

    But ya’ll have fun. sniff…sniff…
    I’ll just busy myself writing.
    Maybe kill off a few fairy tale characters… :die:

  3. Ruby why didn’t you go?

    LOL hey Karin–thanks! :yippee:

    Rhiann- that movie looks great! Raine you should check it out.

    Raine I’m SOWWY! If you lived here we definitely would have taken you with us :crazy: