Territorialness Starts Young

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Before I get to my story, it’s been a quiet week around the hacienda! Cooler temps are finally hitting N. Texas, and last weekend I took advantage to get some outside cleaning done–my arms have finally stopped hurting!And I will get those screens back on the windows tomorrow–okay okay…..tonight!

I’ve been reading and hitting the kids’ football game and working–the boss is gone but I have plenty of little projects to keep me busy!

Now, onto my story. (For those of you who don’t know me so well–I don’t date. I haven’t dated in years and even if I did date, I wouldn’t have a man around my kids because I”m just not looking for that kind of dating thing. For the most part, I LIKE being single and having my own space. Unfortunately there are downsides to not dating).

Last Saturday night I took the kids to the bar–get your minds out of the gutter. I am NOT one of those skeezer moms. My cousin was playing with her band at a local pub and children were welcome. She even brought her own son. Anyway, this old family friend showed up (I’ve known Steve since I was probably 12 or 13–and he’s a confirmed bachelor).  And while we were talking Kevin (#2 son) showed up. He sat, I introduced him to Steve, and we went back to talking. Kevin gets up and stands in front of me, doing his best to jockey his way between us.

I’m not lying.*boggle*

I told him to go sit down–I knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He sat. Then got up and did it again. I told him to sit–again! Finally, exasperated over my lack of gratitude for wanting to proect his mama from the big bad man, he wandered off. *sigh*

Maybe not dating wasn’t such a great idea 🙁 At the same time, I guess he comes by his territorialness quite honestly since I’m rather protective of my space.

The children are gone this weekend–no bars though LOL I’m gonna chill and try to get some writing done! What about you?

In other news,Hittin’ It has a cover! (Plz ignore blurb. Is completely wrong). I know I say this every time but I really do think this one is my favorite!

13 thoughts on “Territorialness Starts Young

  1. I honestly think that is a kid thing. Whether you are dating or not dating isn’t the problem, it’s our kids wanting to protect us at all costs. My oldest had the same reaction when she met any male friend I had after leaving my ex. Even after meeting my hubby now and admitting she liked him, and deciding that it was OK for us to marry, it took her 2 years (give or take) before she stopped trying to protect me full time (and even now after 8 years she still has her moments). I think they see/remember what we went through w/ the ex and are just bound and determined that we’ll not go through it again. That’s just a theory however 😀

  2. You may be onto something. Though #2 was a baby when I left his dad, he *probably* remembers the last boyfriend. Jeez it’s been so long, I don’t even remember how long it’s been *ugh*

  3. LOl, I could picture that and it’s kinda sweet, and cool to know he’s looking out for you, even though it prolly was annoying at the time.

    Looked at the new book cover-congrat…I’ll go look around the site and see if you have a correct blurb, I hope they fix that for you.

    Off to go by B day cake and get a gift cirt from old Navy for the 14 yr old G-daughter. (I gave up trying to figure out what teens like these days-so I am playing it save to spare us all hugs and then behind the back eye rolling) rofl at my un-coolness. Get some writing done.

  4. Hey Eve!!!!!! Always good to see you 😀

    There’s a correct blurb on the front page of my site–I *just* put it up!

    OMG Mine will be 15 in 5 days (boy). He asked for a 300.00 phone. I nearly died. He’s getting a TV–which he’s waited 2 years for, and an ice cream cake from Coldstone Creamery which has become tradition 😀

    And if my boys are anything to go by–teens like MONEY! So gift cards are PERFECT. I can’t beleive she’s going to be 14!

  5. That’s very sweet. I do think boys are protective of their mothers no matter what the circumstance. My son (he’s 12) takes my side in any argument I get into with his dad, even if I’m wrong.

    No chilling for me this weekend. Son has archery, daughter number one has a soccer game, hubby is reffing two games and Saturday night is a sing-a-long my daughter’s Girl Scout troop is hosting. Sunday my daugher plays baseball and husband manages/coaches.

  6. LOL Jordan….pretty soon he’ll ignore me as much as the other one does!

    Rene…mother’s and sons can be veryyyyyy interesting! Try to have some chill time this weekend!