AI Doesn’t Always Mean Artifical Intelligence…though sometimes I wonder

First off, American Title finalist, Edie Ramer is guesting over at Southern Fried Chicas today so go make her feel welcome!

Now…on to the matter at hand: A recap of last night’s American Idol (please….announcer dude…get OUT of my head!)

I’m not sure if I like the new format/setup with the 36 singing in groups of 12 and all but 3 (or is it four) being eliminated? Wow….It’s hard to see so many faves only get one chance (and blow it).

First up: Jackie Tohn the rocker chick from NY. I really like her and enjoyed her performance (A Little Less Conversation by Elvis). I thought it was a fun way to start off the evening. HATED her hotpants and Nikes–WTH? My 13 YO Add child dresses better than that–and that’s saying a lot! Love you Jackie; hate your wardrobe and the 80’s flashbacks it gave me. Sorry. What did the judges say? Randy: Entertainer! Kara: not her best performance but she can work a stage (I agree). Paula: Mumbles. Simon: Didn’t like her outfit, and thought she was gimicky and ungangly.

2. Ricky Braddy from N. Carolina sang some Leon Russell song that was just fricken’  obscure. I did not connect. But the judges seemed to love it. Randy said, “You’re the star of season 8.” I didn’t agree. Kara said it was, “Effortless and he killed it.” Again, I didn’t agree. Paula….You deserve to go far. WTF? Simon: Very good but not star quality (or he didn’t have star quality–not sure). I agree w/Simon. J. A.

3. Alexis Grace sang Never Loved a Man by Aretha (No last name needed). In a word–WHOA!!!!! She looked and sounded FAB! Randy said, “She worked it out.” WTF? Tara, “A pleasure to watch.” Paula, “Safe” meaning she played it safe. Simon said: “Best so far.” I Agree…she was one of the best all night.

4. Brent Keith from like N. Carolina (?) sang Hicktown. I never cared much for the orig and I SURE didn’t care for his version and he’s nowhere NEAR as HAWT as Jason Aldean! He looked uncomfortable on stage and seemed flat in places. Randy said: U reek of country-singer. Kara said: U played it safe. Paula said: Safe also. Simon said: Forgetable. I agree. Bye Brent!

5. Stevie Wright sang some HEINOUS Taylor Swift song…badly. I fastforwarded. I loved you Stevie…but bye!

Randy said:  It was not hot. Tara said: Agreed w/Randy which she did most of the night. Paula said: agreed w/randy and Tara and Simon said: Terrible. Word.

6. Anoop DOG!!!!!!! Sang Angel of Mine by Monica. I liked it…didn’t love it. I thought it was safe and nice but nothing that blew me out of the water. I think he could have done much better.  Randy said: It was a little sharp. Kara: agreed w/Randy. Paula: America connected w/you…WTF? Simon: Too serious. Um ok. Fingers crossed!

7. Casey Carlson sang Every Little Things She Does is Magic. I agree w/simon or whoever said she never should have been allowed to do that song.  It just screamed, I work on a cruise ship and I hate my life. *sigh* And she was so cute–and an early fave of mine! Randy said: Not good. Kinda weird. Kara: agree w/Randy adn thought it was overdone. Paula said Sunshine…wtf did I write Sunshine for. I think she was being nice. Simon said: Atrocious and she coudln’t have chosen a worse song.

8. Michael Sarver sang I Don’t Wanna Be….wow…you weren’t–and I LOVE YOU but WTH?! Not great…not bad….poor song choices seems to be the theme tonight not BillboardsTop 100. Randy said: Liked the soul better–I agree. Kara said: Agree w/Randy. Paula said…good job. Simon said: it was okay.

9. Ann Marie Boscovich sang Natural Woman. It actually sounded kinda safe but I also liked it and I thought she did a good job if not as good as Alexis Grace. Randy said: Not the right choice…wtf? Kara said: Old fashioned–she needed a younger song (I really think they need to watch telling contestants stuff like this bec. they told Stevie that and she shot herself in the foot. Sometimes advice gets taken to heart–just like in writing). Paula said: she was better than before. Simon said: her voice wasn’t good enough for the song.

10. Stephen Fowler sang….Rock With You by M. Jackson….way to date yourself dude. It was okay. Yes, just Okay. Considering how close he came to getting cut and to get a second chance and then blow it? Ummmm wow

Randy said: Not a good song choice. Kara….agreed. Paula: should have sung that David Cook song you bombed on dog…uh yeah sorry channeled Randy there for a sec. Simon said: Pointless and Corny. I have to agree.

11. Tatiana “drama queen” Del Toro or whatever sang Saving All My Love for You. She’s got balls. Don’t mistake that girl is SMART AS HELL! She sang good too but I agree w/Simon…she’s a drama queen and for that reason I hope like hell, we’ve seen the last of her. W. Houston songs are the kiss of death–they say that every year. EVERY YEAR! But she sang it pretty effortlessly.

Anyway……Randy said: Good moments. Tara said (tara kara whatever): WHO ARE YOU? Paula said: Most talked about contestant. Yeah no shit. Simon said: it wasn’t bad but she’s a drama queen. I think someone pointed out what a total ass she’d made of herself during Hollywood week — too bad too. (I really want to see her go home. Please god america send her home! )

12. Danny Gokey sang Mariah’s Hero. I really liked it but I think it was kind of a safe choice. I know he lost his wife not that long ago but I also think he’s going to have to watch the cheese factor in his song choices.  Randy said: Redeamer of the night. Tara said: He was great. Paula said: Stellar. Killjoy Simon said: it was good but not as good as the other three judges made it out to be.

So…..bottom line. Danny, Alexis and Anoop and/or Jackie Tohn are my choices. What did you think? I’m SURE Karin Tabke also has a recap up…and she does! Off to read.

Let Me Tell You About My Day

OMGWTFBBQ SAVE ME!!!!!!! SWEET BABY JESUS! It’s shaping up to be a crazy-assed week and Buffy sure ain’t helping matters, though she did sleep until 5 AM this morning.

I got up at six and decided since I was up I’d go ahead and get dinner in the crock pot–spaghetti sauce w/italian sausage, garlic, onion and bell peppers (Orange ones because the green ones are GROSS when they’re cooked) all the while thinking wow I have time to make an omlet!

Conned #1 child into taking recycling bin out early rather than waiting until time to leave since he’d be in a rush and forget *heeh*, turned on dryer, guzzled coffee, fried italian sausage and opened cans, cooed over Buffy, made #2 get up and feed cats because, you know, if I’m up EVERYONE SHOULD FRICKEN BE UP. Then I went back to bed. THEN #1 missed the FRACKED BUS!

Popped contacts in eyes, washed face, fretted over showering (later) in boys’ bathroom because #1 somehow (I DONT want to know why he was sitting in my shower) broke out four tiles…because boys are gross. Dropped #1 off, then dropped #2 off. Then watched some guy buy 2 tallboys at 7:45 AM, then got gas, ran home, dumped gallon of bleach all over boys’ shower and gingerly climbed in.

Ugh……boys are gross.

Did not fix hair today so it’s curly and held in place w/headband but at least i got makeup on my face. Ur welcome co-workers.

Locked up Buffy, threw Kara outside and dashed out the door toting 2 pieces of toast w/peanut butter.

Don’t even ask about this evening because it’s getting no better.

I’m over at NAS today with an open letter to, like, everyone.


Thank to everyone for their congrats on finishing the book!
#1 is doing good. He stayed home today–he just looked so awful I didn’t have the heart to make him go.
I’m being lazy today.

You are Platform Sandals

Funky and urban
You’ve got a cutting edge style that everyone envies
A little bit downtown, a little bit euro, and whole lot of sexy!