Not A Lot

Work is about to kick my ass again. I SWEAR I make more work for myself but damn it’s fun!
In the mean time, here’s what I got as I continue to mull over my revisions.
“Success is sometimes best measured by spoonfuls. As we struggle with the changes in our lives, sometimes we are unaware of our accomplishments. Victories need to be celebrate, no matter how small the gain. It is critical that we look back from where we were days, weeks, months and even years before so that we are aware of our achievements.”
-Rosemarie Rosetti, Motivational Speaker

AMEN….just Amen. Got anything to add? Anything you’d like to brag on yourself about? Go for it.

First Real Post of the New Year

Yeah, that took a while! LOL
First, hearing good and bad about Book of Eli. Thoughts? And Legion…please God don’t let it suck when it comes out. Going to try and drag one of the boychildren to see Daybreakers tomorrow since it’s a holiday.

Now stealing this from Tanya at SFC:
I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO READING: Lawd…go here to see my list (if you somehow missed it)

STAR TREK! And all the other action/sci-fi movies we got for Christmas. Yeah such a nerd! LOL

I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO PLAYING: new music from Glee! Sue me! I LOVE music–almost as much as books

I WANT TO EAT: Lot’s of salad and sea food–agreeing with Tanya here. I want more sushi!

PREDICTIONS: Like Tanya I think print newspapers will continue to go the way of the dodo. Ebooks may thrive but I think there will continue to be a LOT of upheaval in the industry (probably for the next couple of years) before things settle down. And my ass, too, will continue to spread.

I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING:Sherlock Holmes, The Legend of Eli, Legion and The Wolfman. Oh and Percy Jackson and the Olympians! WOOT! and the remake of CLASH OF THE TITANS!

I’M ALREADY SICK OF: Lovely Bones commercials. Enough already!

THIS YEAR I’D LIKE TO: Um I see lots of rewrites in my future this year. Currently reworking an old manuscript and probably going to rework a couple of others. As goals go, I’d love to get a couple more free shorts done/up but I think I’m going to abstain from any hard and fast goals this year.
What about you?

Let It Merry Snow Bells Rudolph!

The queen doing what she does best! on TwitpicTis snowing here in N. Texas.  And of course, this being Texas, I was in short sleeves yesterday!!!! (which also means it probably won’t stick!)

Me thinks Ms. Natty there has the right idea on what to do with snow!!! Cooked a roast all night and made stroganoff and salad for lunch so the childrens is fed and we’ve had what passes for Christmas around here since they’re leaving for their Padre’s tonight–God Willing and the Snow Don’t Freeze (please God don’t let it freeze).

I realize snow is no big deal for most of you *coughRaineAndCharlenecough* but I’ve waited 40 years for a WHITE CHRISTMAS.  One year we even went to Upstate NY to see the maternal relatives and you know what?  First NON WHITE CHRISTMAS in like a decade.  It snowed a few days before we left–while we were out 4-Wheeling in the mountains.

Not only is this not my Christmas, it’s not my weekend so the boys and I did Christmas this AM and they leave for 4 days which is MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT from THEM! (heathens).

Never fear! I have plenty to keep me busy.

I hope you all have a warm, safe and lovely holiday with whomever you (don’t) choose to spend it with!

Mercury You Bitch!

From Astrologyzone:

The planets are acting like little gremlins. On one hand, you have Mars in Leo, making you courageous, energetic, and ready to conquer the world. You’ve been moving at the speed of light since mid-October, but now you must allow some of that power and light that you created to carry you forward into March on its own.

That whole ‘speed of light’ thing is 150% true!! Unfortunately maybe only 1% of that 150% applied to my writing. And now, when I have two weeks to write n stuff Mercury is going retrograde!

Mercury will go retrograde this month in your sixth house of work projects from December 25 to January 16. This means you may have delays or re-dos in your work projects. Take it all in stride. Every human activity requires backtracking if it’s to become the best it can be.

By the way, with Mercury going retrograde, you must be sure not to buy any electronic items after December 8. If you must, give a gift card, but it’s more fun if you choose the item in December’s first week, wrap it up, and hide it under the bed! (BY THE SKIN OF MY TEETH PEOPLE! SKIN…TEETH!)
Keep in mind, however, that Mercury will be retrograde and spinning confusion as early as December 9

Not only that, according to my ‘scope, it starts earlier than the 25th. Don’t believe me? Last time Mercury went backwards, I spent a week trying to get the bosses computer to take the Vista Service Pack 2 update. And yes, you could blame it on Micro-crap but there were other things. Earlier this month I put new memory in a co-workers computer which should have been a five minute job. It was more like an hour. I spent 2 weeks setting up and tweaking a new computer for the boss, then it had internet connection issues at her house PLUS it wiped out all the hotkey settings. We went 12 rounds. Son’s XBox broke (not sure THAT ONE was all Mercury!)….and we’ve been having trouble with the postage meter machine’s scale for the last month, over Thanksgiving I couldn’t get the new router to install at work so the techy guru came out this last week. It took him a while AND THEN he couldn’t get the copier to see the wireless adapter I’d installed 🙁 He’ll be back…preferably after Mercury is done effing up my technological world.

But take heart! Mercury isn’t all bad. It’s a great time to think, to reflect on the stuff behind you and to work on revisions *cries*

The Little Manuscript Girl by Raine Weaver

From Raine….who wrote this three or four years ago and EVERY DAMN YEAR I ask her to repost it so here we go!


Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to write.  It was only when she was writing that she felt happy, for her life had been hard and brutally led.

Despite her kind heart and loving nature, the girl could find no comfort.  She lived in a starving artist’s loft during this most bitter of winters with no heat, surviving on ramen noodles and rice.  During the icy days she took to the streets, trying to sell her matches, dime bags, and maryjanes.  But with cluckers lurking in the alleys and undercover cops sniffing up her skirt, it was becoming ever so hard to make a simple sale, and the girl grew poorer and poorer as the weeks marched on.

Only during the frigid nights did she truly feel alive, when she could work on the romantic tales that made her happy—Hot with Heart.  Stories of studs on steeds, and jeweled nipple rings, and heroines sitting on rough, bearded faces until they came so hard they squealed for joy.

But her meager pennies were spent on stamps for submissions that disappeared in the dark maws of slush piles, and no one seemed to hear her cries.

Finally, upon this night, the coldest in recorded history, her little fingers were too numb to hold her nib of a quill.  Her stomach cramped with a terrible gnawing need that chewed away at her hope, and even her small drink of water had turned to ice.  Every now and then she moved her dainty, dimpled bum around in the seat to keep from freezing.  Even her wee coochie, as yet untouched by man, clenched and wept for warmth, distracting her from her work.

She could not even feel her feet beneath her shabby wooden chair, and the last ember of her poor fire gasped on the hearth.

“There is no help for it.”  She whispered to herself between chattering teeth.  “It is my best hope, my dearest love, my last existing manuscript…but I fear I must burn it or die.”

Twisting her last chapter into a roll, she lit it with the sharp flick of a match and tossed it into the fireplace.  Oh, how brightly it burned for a moment or two!  And in its light she imagined she saw a smiling publisher, contract in hand.

“Oh, my.  What a beautiful vision!  That must be what heaven looks like.”  Determinedly gritting her teeth, she sacrificed another chapter to the hearth.  And behold, in its golden light she saw an agent wielding a six-figured sword.

“There it is!” she cried.  “That’s it!  My dream, my dream!”

The poor urchin was so excited, she sacrificed her complete manuscript to the magic flames, basking in the short-lived warmth.  It was there in the vision before her, everything she’d ever wanted.
So overwhelmed was she by the revelation that she ran downstairs to Hans, her crackhead landlord, and shared her vision.

“Trippin’ off burning paper, eh?” he twitched.  “Well, you might as well add this to the bunch.  Here, this letter that came for you just before the weather turned.  Something about an acceptance.  I been holdin’ all your mail until you payed your freaking rent, but…”

It was The End.

The Little Manuscript Girl never wrote another romance.

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Happy Birthday Baby Elvis!

So um, sixteen years ago today I gave birth to a redheaded baby boy. If you’ve seen photos of me with my dark hair, I promise, it was a fluke. (the red hair — not the baby. I know where he came from! LOL). Anyway, I can guarantee you that #1 son is like 99.8735% his mother’s son. He’s so much like me, I feel as if I should send the world a memo of warning (except, of course, for the whole ‘not reading’ thing). Since a new car is/was not on the horizon for this auspicious birthday, I had a really hard time deciding what to get him. He’s not exactly the easiest child to buy for–clothes horse thy name is Elvis! Needless to say, because we ARE so much alike, we have been known to have our knock down drag outs squabbles. For that reason, I chose to write my son a letter for his 16th birthday and I thought I might share some of the highlights. I’d share the entire thing but it ended up being like 5 1/2 pages long. Sorry for writing, like, the longest blog post ever!

Dear Elvis…I thought long and hard about what to get you for your birthday—other than a car that is. I finally decided that the best gift I could give you was to tell you some of the things I wish someone had told me at your age. I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes or maybe even smirking or maybe you won’t even read all of this but I hope you do. And yes, it’s okay to laugh at your old silly mom, but I hope you’ll save this letter and look back on it in thirty or forty years and think to yourself that I was right about some of it if not all of it.

I promise not to say anything gushy about the day you were born—other than you were a gorgeous baby and I’m glad I had a c-section so your head wasn’t all smushed and funny looking.

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This Just In: Marvin Gaye Is Dead

Not to sound disrespectful. I have all the love in the world for Marvin…and to be frank it was either Marvin or Jesus…maybe I should have gone for Jesus. Anyway I have to get a couple of things off my chest.

1. Yeah it’s real sad that Farrah died, but it’s not like she didn’t warn us. And as to her son being in prison and not being able to see her. Uh, why do peeps usually go to prison? *nods* exactly.

2. Yeah it’s real sad that MJ is dead, but the years of creepy he gave us (and Lord help me, I’m trying really hard to not judge and failing miserably), far outweighed his musical legacy–at least in my mind. And rumor has it he was broke.

So if you look beyond the fact that two pieces of my youth died yesterday, all you’re left with is this: a washed up actress and a broke, creepy singer died yesterday.

As Gwen Tweeted, “Wonders if OJ died today, we’d all be talking about what a great football player he was.” I said on Twitter, and I’ll say it again, I can’t think of one actor/famous person whose death would make me cry or upset me or leave me reeling. I feel a lot worse over the state of our country than I do about MJ’s death–soldiers are dying every day in a war I’d love to see us pull out of, people are losing their houses and their jobs and their cars, people can’t find work, and last I heard, the Governor of Texas declined to accept the extra Unemployment funds offered by the Feds.

I guess it just amazes me how everything can come to a screeching halt, and how everyone can come together to raise hell over Swine Flu and the protests in Iran (and I mean no disrespect), (or dare I say, the latest RWA ClusterFuck), but where were the protests last summer when gas was 4.00/gallon and food prices were climbing?

Exactly….We all just bent over and said, “stick it to me again. And please, less lube this time.” Anyone looked at the price of gas lately? Yeah okay so it’s only up about .50/gal but it went up in a 2-3 week period and that extra small bit you’re paying is going to equal millions for Exxon/Mobil etc.

Sometimes I really wish I could care less.

Potty Mouth Warning

To the lady driving in the fast lane your mini van doing 33 in a 40 and talking for miles and miles and miles this morning and blocking traffic probably the entire FRICKEN way to work: I flipped you off because you’re a stupid inconsiderate bitch.  Maybe in future, you’ll be aware enough of your surroundings to HANG UP THE FUCKING PHONE or GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE FAST LANE cuz you know, some of us like to go the FUCKING SPEED LIMIT!!!!!!

*Deep Breath*

Whew….I feel better.  A little.  Now.

American Idol.  What can I say?  Go read my comment at SFC on Tanya’s blog. If you feel so inclined…or not.

Also finished The Girl She Used to Be this week and it’s frickin phenomenal!  I can’t say enough good things about this book.  It has a romance but it’s NOT a romance and the end is bittersweet but spot on.  It’s first person, present and so well done you don’t even realize it.

NAS is celebrating it’s birthday next week so we’ll be giving goodies away all week long AND my blog turns five (WOW) in June.  I’m open to contest suggestions so lemme have em 😀