Interview With an Incubus

*or Why I don’t have Guest Bloggers*

“So  Gabriel, may I call you Gabriel?” I swing my leg nervously, not at all at ease with my interviewee.

You can call me whatever you want.”  He gives me his wickedest grin, probably the same grin he used to seduce Sera.

“Dear Heavens, Sera never stood a chance, did she?”  I ask with a frown.

“I tend to get what I want. And Sera got what she wanted to, ” he quipped giving me another engaging grin.

“How does an Incubus — do you mind if I refer to you as an Incubus –no? Good. How do you chose your…quary?”

I prefer to think of them as chosen,” he says, narrowing his eyes.  “And if I tell you, I have to kill you. But I have friends. Maybe, I could send one to visit you some time.

Tired of the chit chat, (and of feeling a bit mouselike) I cut to the chase. “So, Gabriel did you really give up heaven and earth for…sex?”

He slowly leans forward and licks his lips. His tongue is nearly as mesmerizing as those cocoa brown eyes.  “Wouldn’t you?”

“Damn…tough call that.” Continue reading