What Are You?

I’m going to pull a Paperback Writer and do this for tomorrow now–then go to bed!

From Mixedwatch who got it from the Detriot Free Press:

The Detroit Free Press talks with a few people about their identity and how they navigate questions from strangers. Given the context and how people ask, it can be either a pleasant experience or a very frustrating one….But it becomes a burden when strangers broach the topic without knowing much more about her.

I’ve seriously paraphrased the above but you can click on the link to read the whole thing. I get this frequently and it’s usually interesting. The boys are still at an age where they think being 1/4 black is cool 🙂 and I’m glad for that. But the question still comes up, though more for me than them. I found out my son’s told their new friend (who’s black) after an interesting conversation I had with his mother about dating outside of your race, blah blah blah. I never disclosed that I’m mixed but my neighbor didn’t hesitate to tell me about her niece (who’s biracial) or her ex-husband’s two biracial children. In hindsight the whole conversation makes a LOT more sense, though I’m still not sure what her point was.

Coming from perfect strangers, it’s the equivalent of say someone touching your daughter’s hair for no reason (sorry Monica 🙂 )or asking questions about infertility or adoption that are none of their business when they see you have a child in tow who is OBVIOUSLY adopted (IE chinese or even a mixed child with a white couple).

I don’t know whether it happened to my own parents–though I do know the judge asked how their neighbors would react to them having a negro child. Considering I’d already lived with them for three months and the interracial couple across the street hadn’t shunned them, they figured it’d be alright.

I have enough identity problems, please don’t add to it.

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Sex and Dancehalls and Vampires oh My

It appears my dancehall has been invaded. Susie B. is pissed and apparently so is Paperback Writer since those are HER vamps Jake took off with.

I’d intended to do some special excerpts of Summer’s Seduction from Sex on Holiday this week but um …. the only version in existence is on the hard drive I can’t get to soooooooooo how about a behind the scenes peek into my first published short erotica story.

I wrote Summer’s Seduction one weekend while my son was having a slumber party–don’t ask I must have been nuts! I sent off the first draft to Raine (My CP aka Dreamweaver) and did a bit of brainstorming. The theme is of course, stories about sex on vacation but I really wanted to do something besides “she went to a resort and got laid”–seemed a bit cliche, so I took a page from my own life though Lucy’s vacation was much more glamorous than mine.

Many moons ago I headed to San Antonio for the GSTRC (George Strait Team Roping Classic). I had planned to stay with my friend Hollie and she had a babysitter lined up for the kids so we could go to the team roping. Nothing and I mean NOTHING will ruin a vacation faster than breaking down on the side of the road. We made it as far as Georgetown when my poor old Escort gave out. Me, and two kids STRANDED at the fucking KFC for like FIVE hours. Hollie still calls me Kentucky Fry to this day because of that.

Well from this came the idea for Summer’s Seduction where Lucy Cavannaugh finds herself stranded on the side of the road in BFE Arizona in the middle of summer. After a long walk she finds a deserted gas station and a house and like Goldilocks, makes herself at home, falling asleep on the couch.

But it’s no bear that finds her, or even a team roping cowboy, it’s Greg Summers a local cop on vacation.

You can check out Summer’s Seduction in Black Lace Books’ Sex on Holiday.