Morgan Hawke on Static Traits
Morgan’s got some GREAT posts on writing on her blog. I love this one–she uses The Mummy as an example.

And I love the way she breaks it down though I’ve alwasy called them personality quirks–something that’s unique to a character that in some way humanizes them for the reader.
For Jade it was the cookies (and food in general LOL). For Betti it’s paisley 😛 and “her rules”. For Rene it’s swearing.

So, do you give your characters special traits and if so what?

In other news I finally figured out Dada Mail for the newslist though I haven’t finished putting it up yet and I nearly forgot Easter-yes I’m a bad mom. Took the kids out Friday but promised them beenie babies (never mind they’re 11 and 9 and boys 😀 ) I made it to the Hallmark store with 20 minutes to spare. Whew!